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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Organizing Opinions: Check!

A few weeks ago I asked you for your input on what you'd like to see addressed here at Organizing Made Fun! And you did it! You all gave me a TON of ideas for organizing...not that I didn't have any, but now I have more! Here are a sample of some of the ideas YOU all came up with:

1. Organizing Kids school items. Go HERE, HERE, or HERE.
2. Organizing Paperwork: including warranties, instruction books, receipts. Go HERE, HERE, or HERE.  
3. Getting rid of unneeded things. Go HERE.
4. Organizing Linen closet and home office. Go HERE, HERE, HERE, or HERE.    
5. Storing Purses. Go HERE, HERE, or HERE.  
6. Organizing a messy husband. Go HERE
7. Procrastinating organizing. Go HERE
8. Simplicity to become more organized.
9. Time management. Go HERE
10. Feeling overwhelmed. Go HERE
11. Organizing messes. Go HERE
12. Organizing rooms that end up being storage or overflow.
13. Staying organized. Go HERE
14. System for organizing isn't working.
15. Dealing with family or yourself as a hoarder.
16. Organizing for those with ADD.
17. Losing steam in the middle of organizing.
18. Too much stuff and not enough space. Go HERE
19. Organizing in a home with no storage. Go HERE, HERE, HERE, or HERE.   
20. How to get the whole family involved and accountable. Go HERE or HERE
21. What if you might need it someday?
22. Keeping a teen closet organized.
23. Organizing mail.
24. Where to start. Go HERE.  
25. Everything else. Go HERE, HERE, or HERE.

The good news is that many of these subjects I have ALREADY tackled - those are highlighted in BLUE and you can click on those and see the post about how to handle that! But, I'm going to look into the others and see if we can't help so many of you who are desperate to get organized this new year! Go to my Organizing Ideas, Got Clutter?, or 11 Ways to Organize tabs on the blog and you will get to look through all I have tackled! Get ready for some BIG time motivation in the New Year!

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