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Monday, April 16, 2018

Spring Cleaning the Easy Way

The Spring Cleaning Tips are all mine!

Spring Cleaning is one of those phrases that I tend to avoid. Well, cleaning is something I tend to avoid but spring cleaning seems sort of like a phrase that everyone is supposed to just do and that's that! If you've ever been in a "spring cleaning" kind of mood, it's your chance to really open your eyes and see your home in a fresh, new way!

I'd also like to note that a wonderful part of spring "cleaning" can and should include spring decluttering! When you start to look around your home, move things to clean behind, or open the blinds you may notice more than just dust and dirt. 

10 Quick and Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

1. Check all ceiling fans and light fixtures

Clean ceiling fan blades with a pillow case

If you have any ceiling fans, you'll probably notice that they easily get a dusty build up - it's worse the closer to your kitchen that you have them! But, use a simple hack with your pillow case over each of the blades to clean so that the dust falls into the pillow case instead of all over your floor. Throw the pillow case in the wash when you're done! 

Clean ceiling fan blades with a pillow case

2.  Wipe down baseboards

Get your baseboards clean with castile soap and water

Baseboards are easily neglected in your home, but if you really look around you'll likely notice lots of dirty and dust on them. Use a magic cleaning sponge to get the stubborn streaks off and a microfiber cloth with a little castile soap mixture {I use 1 tbsp. in a spray bottle of water}. 

Use a magic cleaning sponge for cleaning the back of doors

3. Clean backs of doors

Have you notice the backs of doors and around door knobs? Even the walls in a hallway or near a door can get filthy. Be sure to walk around your home and just look at all those areas. Use the castile soap mixture or magic cleaning sponge to get the filth and dirt off. 

Don't forget to wash trash cans regularly

4. The insides of trash cans

The poor trash cans inside our house can really get grimy and dirty! Unless we line each one with a bag, they get dirty and sticky. The easiest cleaning solution is to take them outside in the spring air, squirt some castile soap mixture in the bottom, scrub a little, then hose them off and leave them to dry in the sun! They'll be sparkling clean!

Pet stains can easily be removed with Spot Shot Carpet Stain Remover

5. Carpet spots

We have mostly area rugs in our home, since we have hardwood flooring throughout, and so I use the Spot Shot Instant Carpet Remover to remove those tough stains on our rugs. I spray on the stain and let it soak in for a bit. Then, I use a damp cloth to dab up the spot - comes up easily!

Remember to clean exhaust fans in the bathroom

6. Vacuum bathroom exhaust fans and hall registers

Ever six months or more, change your HVAC filter

Another area that gets easily neglected from year to year are the exhaust fans in the bathroom and the hall registers. It's a great time to grab the vacuum and vacuum the dust out of them. If it's a hall register, make sure to put a new HVAC filter in about every six months {or more frequent if it's needed}. Your air conditioner will work much better with a clean filter! 

Washing pillows is easy!

7. Wash pillows

Washing pillows isn't as hard as you might think. You just put them in the washing machine! I've got a step by step guide HERE to help you with washing them. Super easy! 

Window tracks get dirty and gritty - use a simple solution to clean them.

8. Windows and tracks

Now that you can open the windows and air out your house again with the fresh, spring air be sure to wipe down the inside tracks of the windows with a mix of 1 tbsp of castile soap mixed in a spray bottle of water. They can get really dirty and filled with gunk! 

Using baking soda and vinegar to clean your oven

9. Cleaning the oven

I try to get spills cleaned up, if they are large, right away in my oven. But, I cook a LOT in both my ovens each week. So, there is a lot of grease and build up on my oven glass doors. I use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar and it comes right off! 

Clean your fridge and freezer this spring

10. Clean fridge and freezer

Lastly on our spring cleaning list is to get a deep clean of the fridge and freezer! It's much easier if you're able to clean up spill as they happen, but sometimes you just don't always get to it or know about it if you anyone else living in your home with you! 

Start off your spring cleaning right by getting Spot Shot Instant Carpet Stain Remover at a participating store. And, here's a coupon for you to use also! Go HERE to the Stain Fighting Community's Facebook page for more cleaning tips. 

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  1. I dread this time every year, but I think you're going to make my spring cleaning a lot more bearable with these tips. It's the most difficult to clean gadgets like surge absorbers. That carpet cleaning coupon is definitely going to come in handy, thank you for sharing!


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