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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Ultimate, Uncluttered Holiday Gift Guide

Christmas is a joyous time, a time to celebrate the birth of Christ, and for most of us, a time to give gifts to loved ones! It can conjour up dread or it can make you joyous! Well, as a dedicated organizer and declutterer, I have a big problem with lots of Christmas gifts that come floating through our doors! On the one hand, we want to show our love and appreciation to loved ones, but on the other hand most of us already have way too much stuff! So, today I'm presenting 20 Uncluttered Gifts to guide you through the season! 

The Ultimate, Uncluttered Holiday Gift Guide ::

1. Baked Goods - What is nicer than baking someone something to eat? Eating it! They don't cause clutter because you eat it up and it's gone! If you are especially talented in baking, bake something for all those you love!

2. Cleaning Service - who wouldn't want a cleaning service for a month or more? 

3. Ebooks - An easy way to keep dust off the shelves!

4. Amazon Gift Card - Maybe they can purchase a great book like Decluttering Your Home

5. Annual/Season Passes - the zoo, an amusement park, a water park, or even a local garden! 

6. Restaurant Gift Card - a meal out is such a treat!

7. Itunes Gift Card - give the gift of audio!

8. Money towards Summer or Winter Camp - kids who love to go to camp would LOVE some money towards camp!

9. Concert Tickets - maybe a rock, classical music, or even a jazz concert!

10. Spa Gift Card - a massage or a whole day of pampering.

11. Cash - who doesn't need cash?

12. Starbuck's Gift Card - or other coffee shop that they love.

13. Gym Membership - for someone who's been wanting to go, but just need a push!

14. Lessons for ice skating - what a fun gift for a child to have!

15. Cake Decorating Class - maybe they love to bake! They can learn to decorate, too! Check the local craft store!

16. Costco/Sam's Club Membership - I love my membership and I know it's a great gift!

17. Sewing/Knitting/Crochet Class - Check out your local craft store for classes and times. 

18. Adventures in Odyssey Subscription - my {almost} 12 year old daughter listens to the podcasts nightly, so she is itching to get this!

19. AAA Membership - this is particularly great for someone who's a new driver or has a car that is a bit rough! 

20. Subscription to Netflix, Hulu - if they don't have cable, this is a great way to watch movies or TV shows for free!

21. Professional Organizer - if they struggle with getting organized, this is an AWESOME gift! I have a HUGE list of professional organizers in your area!

22. Coupons - homemade coupons are some of the best ways to show love! Make a little booklet of sweet coupons!

23. Sports Event - Have a football or baseball fan? Maybe a ticket to see their favorite team play!

24. Handyman Service - for the person who needs some help for a day or a few hours!

25. Manicure/Pedicure - for someone who wants to be pampered!

26. Music Lessons - a grandparent can offer to buy a few months of music lesson for their grandchild instead of a big gift that collects dust and takes up WAY too much room!

27. Amazon Prime One Year Membership - if they love to shop online, this is the perfect gift! I use mine weekly!

28. Wine - a nice bottle of wine for someone who loves it or appreciates a glass every once in a while. 

29. Fruit of the month - this is a great way to have something arrive every month. 

30. Chocolate - maybe they just LOVE chocolate! A big or small box is a nice surprise!

31. Babysitting - it's hard, sometimes, for young couples to get out and have a date. Offer them a night of free babysitting!

32. Movie Tickets - Maybe there's a movie they'd like to see or just haven't gotten around to? 

It just takes a little creative thinking to get someone a gift that is special without being CLUTTER! I hope these are helpful for you and you can show others you love them without causing more clutter! What gift would you give and to whom?

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  1. These are all great ideas, Becky. Thanks for compiling the list! I've seen that Sam's Club and Costco offer a number of gift cards for a discounted price, so many of these ideas would be wallet-friendly, too! :)


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