Organizing Your Linen Closet (part 2) - How to fold a fitted sheet! | Organizing Made Fun: Organizing Your Linen Closet (part 2) - How to fold a fitted sheet!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Organizing Your Linen Closet (part 2) - How to fold a fitted sheet!

How do you fold a fitted sheet?  Those things are such a pain!  So, I'm going to teach you!  My mom taught me and she's going to help you learn too!  

1.  Take the fitted sheet and turn the corners inside out with your hands on two of the corners

2.  Put two corners together so they look right side out - do that to the other two on the opposite side

3. Then, take those corners and fold into the opposite corners on the others side - they should look right side out together now, making only one

4. Now, put all four corners into one

5.  Once the corners are altogether facing right-side out

6.  Lay the sheet on a flat surface (don't even think of doing this part in the "air")

7.  Fold it in half

8.  Fold in half one more time and it's DONE

If this was confusing, here's a link to a video - although they do it slightly different than mom and I.

    Video of fitted sheet

    Now, to fold a flat sheet!

    A.  Fold sheet in half

    B.  Fold in half again

    C.  Fold in half one more time

    D.  In half one more time - done!

    And, the pillow case:

    Last, putting them altogether:

    1.  This is the pillow case

    2.  Take fitted sheet, and both pillow cases

    3.  Open the flat sheet up and put them all inside

    4.  Then fold flat sheet in half over all to keep everything neatly together.

    So, this may seem tedious, but use this as a reference for yourself and it will help tidy up your linen closet.  Folding things neatly, the same way every time will make a big difference in a neat linen closet and a messy one!

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    1. Becky-
      You will be so proud! I actually folded all my sheets just this way when I did my linen closet makeover last week!

      Great Post!

    2. I hate folding fitted sheets. Thanks for the post, will try this next time. I love the tip about folding the sheets and pillow cases together.

    3. Love the fitted sheet tips, Becky. Those things are so tough. I'll be honest--mine have usually ended up in a wad. Until now!! :) Thank you so much for joining in my party. I hope you have a wonderful day!

    4. I just had to smile after reading your poll at the top. I don't think any of the rooms in my house are totally organized. That's sad. Thanks for sharing the folding tips. :)

    5. Erin...see you need to keep up with my blog :) Happy folding!! Becky

    6. I learned how to do this in college and have been secretly pleased with my sheet folding skills ever since. Isn't it funny how a little thing like this can make you happy? I'm visiting from Amanda's party.

    7. Great tips. I struggle to fold my fitted the way you describe. They never look as neat as yours.

    8. One more tip... When you first fold your flat sheet, fold in half lengthwise. This will give you a nice crease down the center of your sheet. When you make your bed, you can position the crease down the center of your bed. The length of the sheet will be even on both sides of your bed.

    9. I fold them all and then put them in one of the pillow cases (this way nothing slides out and gets messed up)


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