Getting ready for "Backyard Thursdays" this summer! | Organizing Made Fun: Getting ready for "Backyard Thursdays" this summer!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Getting ready for "Backyard Thursdays" this summer!

We have a tradition/ministry that the kids and I do each summer since moving here to our house in Burbank.  It's called "Backyard Thursday"!!  Anyway, it's an open invitation to come and hang out in our yard every Thursday morning, and was originally for Moms who did not have backyards and could have ours for that morning!  It's really fun and my kids love it!  We have a great big driveway in the backyard that is perfect for scooters and writing with chalk and running races.  We have a large fort/swing set with a sandbox, and we even have a playhouse that my husband bought on Ebay for a steal and I painted.  We Mommies like to sit under the avocado trees where it's usually a good ten degrees cooler than the rest of the yard and chat and talk about the Lord and encourage one another in our parenting and being godly wives.  The kids get to run around and have a blast - they learn to consider each other more important than themselves, share, take turns, and get very worn out that the little ones nap very well in the afternoon!

Here's what we did at the beginning of the summer to get the garage and toys all organized in our garage.  The kids and I pulled everything out and cleaned it.
Then, we took these pictures and labeled each box and printed the picture onto cardstock.  Then, I took clear-packing tape and covered it and punched a hole through it and hung with a cable tie on the boxes.

Then, we lined up the boxes, and set everything up!

There you all the kids - big and small - help to clean up and know where everything goes!

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  1. First, I have to say that sounds like a wonderful, fun time for both moms and kids, and I am jealous that I can't come!

    Second, great idea for organizing (as usual) and making it totally kid friendly!

  2. What a great ministry!! :) I am in love with your's so cute!!

  3. Amanda, you've given me a great idea for another blog - the story behind that playhouse is quite interesting and we took lots of pictures when we got it!

    Alison, my kids have as much hosting it as much as the other kids coming! Organizing the toys makes fast clean up - and all the kids really do clean it up in about five minutes! It's quite amazing!

  4. Becky,
    Your backyard ministry is very cool. Do many people in your neighborhood have backyards as well, or are you talking about those who may be in an apartment? I have noticed that lately many new houses are going up with just a small slab of concrete as a backyard patio. I pray your "Backyard Thursdays" open up to many more in need of the Savior or just encouragement to press on in the difficulties of life. Keep On Girl! I wish I could bring my kids for a visit too!


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