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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

How to Organize Cords Easily

Living in the 21st century means we have cords, lots and lots of cords. Cords are messy, very messy! You know there are cords by the couch, next to the bed, in the kitchen, in the office, behind the TV - you know, everywhere! So, I consider myself somewhat of an expert in this area now, especially having a husband in the IT field - yes, cords and more cords. My husband also runs the sound system at our church and he's become quite meticulous about how to keep cords out of the way and from view, so I've learned things from him too. I'm going to give you my solutions and some of the basic things you need to keep around your house to keep up with the web of cords - cause I like them hidden!

How to Organize Cords Easily ::

Here are my suggestions of things you need to keep cords neat - the arsenal of products:

1. Velcro roll: this is the NUMBER ONE product you need to have. Cheap and easy to use. If you get nothing else, get THIS! You can cut it to the length you need and it's reusable. 

2. Cord clips: These are perfect for sticking on the back of an area and using for neatly putting a cord so it stays put.

3. Cord Organizer Box or dark colored basket:   If you can find a good basket {probably dark colored to blend in with the cords} that has a hole on the side large enough to put a plug through or a cord organizer box, these help conceal chunks of cords and big power strips on the floor.

4. Binder Clips: These are great for smaller cords and are cheap!

5. Cord Bundlers: The Command Cord bundlers are really nice, I've got one on every small appliance in my kitchen. 

6. Cord Floor cover: I use this to run a large cord under the couch so I have somewhere to plug my computer in!

7. Flexible Cord Cover: These are great to bundle up a bunch of cords with electronics. 

Cords around the TV:

The TV has a gazillion cords that go in and out of it - along with the cable box, right? Well, I use cord clips that stick to the back of the TV and out of sight to organize the cords behind there. I also use a flexible cord cover to cover the rest of the bundle of cords everywhere. 

Keep cords neat and organized around your TV using these simple tricks ::

See more about specifics here for how I organized all these cords.

Cords near the couch:

Our couch is "floating" in the middle of the room, so in order to get the cords we need for our gadgets to us, we have a cord floor cover from the wall outlet to the edge of the couch and a cord organizer box to cover up the huge power strip we use to recharge things! 

Keep cords near your couch organized and tidy using these tricks ::

See more here.

Tablet and headphones cords:

We have an area for our tablets and headphones for the kid's computer in our family room. Before I organized things, there were cords everywhere!

Here is the area before:

What a mess! Check out the after to getting cords neat and tidy ::

and after I used command hooks to hold the headphones and a nice tablet organizer and charging station

Now it's neat and tidy - no more messy cords! Find out how to do it ::

See more here.

Cords in the office:

In my office I used pegboard to cover up my situation of cords. I have a full tutorial how I did this here. I strapped on the power strip with cable ties and labeled everything. 

Hide messy cords at your desk using these simple tricks ::

See how to do this here

Hide messy cords at your desk using these simple tricks ::

Smartphone cords:

If you need a quick and simple solution to corral smartphone cords, use a binder clip! Look how easy it is!

Binder Clips are an excellent way of organizing smartphone cords ::

Binder Clips are an excellent way of organizing smartphone cords ::

Learn more here.

Around tables:

The power strip continues to look awful or is laying all over the floor. I use velcro strips on the roll to wrap around the table leg to hold it up in place. It makes is much nicer to have it off the floor - and way more organized. The nice thing about the velcro roll is it's cheap and easy to cut to any length you want. 

Using the velcro roll, you can cut them to length and organize your power strip and cords ::
 See more here

Next to the computer:

Just next to your computer, you may need to keep many cords. I love this idea of using binder clips to hold on to those cords. 

Binder clips are an inexpensive way to organize cords ::

Your extension cords:

If you have extra extension cords laying around, just grab a paper towel or toilet paper roll to wrap around them - or use the velcro roll to cut a piece to length. 

Use FREE toilet paper or paper towel rolls to organize extension cords around the house ::

Small appliances cords:

This is my latest big find - the cord bundlers. These are amazing! I use these on all my small appliances {except the ones that heat up} now - I just hang them on the back and wrap up cords. I use on my Vita Mix blender, food processor, and my mixer. 

Wrangle your small appliance cords using a cord bundler ::

Spare cords:

I also use the cord bundler for my computer cord and extra cords around the house. I like to work in the kitchen, so I keep a spare computer cord in the kitchen but don't want to lug it around the house so I put a cord wrangler next to the outlet and I can neatly put it away each night. 

Use a cord bundler to get spare cords off the floor ::

I hope you like all these ideas for keeping your cords around the house organized. It's a total pet peeve of mine to have cords everywhere. With the products I shared, you can easily get those cords under control. What is your worst area for keep cords neat and tidy?

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  1. Great ideas here! I find the biggest challenge is when someone wants their desk out in the middle of the room and the cords hang over the back. I like putting a desk where you have a view, but the cords are a hassle. Nice to have options like these:)


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