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Friday, October 21, 2016

The New Kitchen: Organizing the Drawers

This new kitchen is truly AMAZING! Having someone take what was in my head and design it on paper, then to have it actually in my home, is just an amazing feeling! I can't wait to show you all the organization that I've done in the new kitchen, so today I'm going to share all the organizing in the drawers! There is so much organizing that it's going to take multiple posts to share it all - there is just THAT much awesomeness! Are you ready to PIN some great organizing ideas? 
How to Organize Kitchen Drawers ::

To begin with, my dream was to have as many drawers as possible in the new kitchen. I wish I could have had many more than I have - I would have liked two big drawers under my cooktop but I had to sacrifice those drawers in order to have the downdraft exhaust fan - since that exhaust fan takes up a big chunk of space under the cooktop, so no room for drawers. I also would have loved it under the sink, but being that I wanted to have actual plumbing it's nearly impossible to have drawers there, also! I have drawers all over the place, though!  In my opinion, drawers are much better for organizing things than a big, open space. So, I'm going to start with my coffee/wine bar drawers in the dining area of the kitchen, because I just want to start over there and bring you around the kitchen.

Coffee/Wine Bar organizing ::

As you may recall, this is our coffee/wine bar. My husband is the coffee and wine guy. I don't drink either - so this is sort of his little area of love! 

Organized kcup and wine accessories drawer in wine/coffee bar ::

I made custom, acrylic drawer organizers, using Organize My Drawer, that I designed online to fit exactly to the size of my drawers {which these drawers are only 18 inches deep, compared to the normal 24 inch standard kitchen cabinet depth}. 

Organized kcup and wine accessories drawer in wine/coffee bar ::

I love that it holds all our K-cups {we keep a big variety for all the people that come over and love to drink coffee, hot cocoa, tea, or cider! 

Organized kcup and wine accessories drawer in wine/coffee bar ::

Plus, I made a compartment, in the left drawer, for all his wine accessories - most of them I have no idea what they do but he uses them!

Labeled sketch for kitchen planning and organizing ::

OK, so let's head over to the peninsula area where the majority of my drawers are located! Before the kitchen was even done, I went and took the sketches and decided where everything was going to be placed so that I had everything meticulously set up to work in the best, most functional and organized way!  As you can see, above, I had all the drawers figured out so that I could be sure I could fit everything. I changed one drawer - the linens and glasses drawers I switched - but otherwise kept everything the same.

Organized dinnerware in a drawer ::

The dishes/dinnerware drawer is a dream. If you can ever put your dishes in a drawer, do it! This large, deep drawer is made to handle the extra weight but everything fits perfectly {sources where I got all these dishes is at the bottom of the post}. I just added a non-slip mat to the bottom of the drawer and it seems to really keep things from sliding around in there.

Organized baking drawer ::

Just below the dinnerware drawer is my baking utensils and dishes. These drawers are deep, so I took advantage of that. I can fit all my large measure cups in there and my rolling pin. I carefully measured this drawer to find a stacking, clear organizer that could fit around those things while giving me ample room to fit all the accessories in there. As you can see, I still have room for more, too! The top layer holds my measuring spoons, measuring cups, and my small lemon juicer, with room to spare!  I used the Linus Stacking Clear Bins inside this drawer. 

Organized baking drawer ::

The bottom layer holds more measuring cups, funnels, sifter, and parts to my mixer that is on the counter. Everything fit just right! And yes, we use everything in this drawer all the time - I widdled down to only the things we use often. 

Organized flatware drawer with tiered divider ::

Next to these are the next set of drawers. The tiered cutlery divider has the top area for my flatware. Occasionally my flatware look this nice, but it's usually just thrown in the drawer! Ha!

Organized flatware drawer with tiered divider ::

On the bottom tier, I have a multitude of different utensils that are in there. Nothing fancy, but all the very only very used ones!

Glassware organized in drawer ::

The next drawer down holds all our glasses - they are perfectly lined up everyday, but I have better things to do than keep those perfect when they are inside a drawer!

Organized linens in deep drawer in kitchen cabinets ::

The bottom drawer has my linens which include towels, placemats, and pot holders. In the back of the drawer, I placed many of my larger kitchen utensil/gadgets. 

Toekick drawer organized used as junk drawer ::

Under ALL these drawers are my favorite, secret drawers - toekick drawers!

Toekick drawer organized used as junk drawer organizing batteries ::

These drawers are set up as our "junk drawers" and, again, I custom made these acrylic, drawer organizers from Organize My Drawer. They fit perfectly - I even measured all the things I planned to put into the drawers so that they could hold everything just the way I liked. How do you like my battery organization?

Toekick drawer organized used as junk drawer ::

The other drawer has other miscellaneous items and room to handle more, should that happen! This location, under the drawers, is much better than our last junk drawer because it's less tempting for "some" people to throw random stuff in there, instead of putting it back where it really belongs!

Labeled sketch for kitchen planning and organizing ::

On the section of the cabinets below the windows, above, you can see I decided to do the next set of drawer with some more practical organizing. 

Organized drawer of foils, wraps, clips and baggies ::

The top cabinet has all my wraps, foils, and bag clips - super simple, nothing fancy!

Organized drawer of glass left over containers ::

The middle drawer is where I keep all my glass left-over containers. I have a lot, many not pictured here because I use so many from cooking from scratch and keeping my Paleo food in them. 

Organized drawer of left over container lids ::

The drawer below that is my lid drawer! Yes, a whole drawer dedicated to holding all my lids!

Organized knife and utensil drawer ::

Pull out double trash can drawer ::

And then, I have a trash drawer and a knife drawer. These are also placed perfectly near where everything needs to be done! 

Pull out base cabinet spice drawer ::

Last on this wall of cabinets is the spice drawer. This is the base pullout cabinet

Pull out base cabinet spice drawer ::

Pull out base cabinet spice drawer ::

I used some chalk ink markers to write on the tops of the spices that didn't have the name imprinted on them. 

Small drawer for toaster oven gadgets ::

There is also one other teeny-tiny drawer that has accessories for our toaster oven that is sitting on the counter just above this area. 

Labeled sketch for kitchen planning and organizing ::

The very last drawer in the kitchen is the drawer below my double ovens.

Cookie sheet drawer under double oven ::

This one is a slim drawer so it just holds all the cookie sheets, pizza pan, and racks. It's not fancy, but it does the job I need it to!

Whew! So, that was a LOT of organizing - and I just showed you the drawers! I have a whole lot more to show you in the rest of the kitchen - and boy, it's good stuff! If you like any of these ideas PIN them, share them with friends! 

Also, my friends at Organize My Drawer are giving OMF readers a coupon for 10% off your first order from now through November 15, 2016 using code OMF10, one per household. These drawer organizers are the best I've ever had, honestly! So, hurry and get yours with the coupon code. 

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