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Friday, December 11, 2015

How to Use Chalk Ink Markers Properly: Great Tips and Tricks

How many ways can you possibly think of to organize? Well, in my opinion, there are countless ways! One of my newest favorite {well, at least in the last few years} is with Chalk Ink Markers. Well, guess what? Chalk Ink Markers {the company} invited ME {and a few other bloggers} to Austin,Texas to spend time with them and learn more about these markers last week. I have some great tips for you about how to use them and how anybody - yes, anybody, can use them and create simple or fancy things with them. I use them mostly for organizing and labeling, but there is so much more that you can do with them. See this picture below? Yeah, I actually drew this - and I'm awful at this stuff! 

Tips and Tricks for Chalk Ink Use ::

They also gave me a discount code JUST for my readers to use...and if you love chalkboard art as much as I do, you'll want to see this and use that code.

Beautiful Chalk Art using Chalk Ink Markers ::

First of all, if you don't have Chalk Ink markers, you're missing out on a ton of organizing opportunities. Second, don't buy the ones in the store that are "chalkboard ink" markers because you will be SO disappointed. The ones I use are MUCH better and will not blob or be a problem and last MUCH longer. Trust me, there is a BIG difference. There are two ways you can purchase them, you can:

Huge variety of Chalk Ink Marker colors ::

  • Go to Chalk Ink website and purchase a pack or one at a time. Use "FUN20" for a 20% discount on your first purchase OR
  • Purchase on Amazon. If you're like me, I love Amazon and the free shipping I get with Prime, so go HERE.
  • Make sure they say CHALK INK markers because they are not the same and you will regret purchasing the cheapy ones.
So, now I want to share a few tips about using the Chalk Ink Markers because once you get some, you can use them for so many things around your house. Basically, if you have a non-porous surface, you can mark it with the chalk ink. So, glass, countertops, bins, metal, tile, even wood that is sealed, but always test a spot to make sure. 

Chalk Ink Markers write on any non-porous surface, including a fridge ::

  • Start by shaking. You'll hear it, but get pumped and primed.
  • You'll need to hold down the tip on a "blotter surface" I have a small piece of chalkboard wood, but you can use heavy paper or something else. It takes a minute, so be patient and then you'll start seeing the chalk ink coming down into the tip.
  • Always store them horizontally - it's tempting to store vertically in a jar, but they work best stored on their sides.
  • When you write, pretend you are in kindergarten and LIFT and SEPARATE between strokes at their point. 
  • Don't write with them like you would with a regular pen. It's thick and heavy lines so go slow and it will turn out best.
I have a short tutorial for how I make pretty lettering, even though I don't have great penmanship for doing that HERE

How to fix "ghosting" on chalkboards ::

The other problem you might have is with "ghosting", as you see above.  Three tricks:

  • Try windex wipes or product with ammonia in it
  • Magic Eraser
  • Don't use any other chalk markers other than Chalk Ink markers because I did and they will NOT come out. They mostly come out, but after all my tricks, this is the best I could do:
How to fix "ghosting" on chalkboards ::

Not great, but much better using my tricks. The other chalk markers have, literally, ruined this chalkboard. So, I'll have to repaint it. 

How to fix "ghosting" on chalkboards ::

I've also discovered some other fun things you can do with the markers:

Snowflakes on window using chalk ink markers ::
Snowflakes on the window!

Writing on countertop using chalk ink markers ::

Here it is on a countertop! I can't even believe how easy that would be and you could label for a potluck or some holiday party!

Labeling glass jars using chalk ink markers ::

And, seriously, how great is this idea? Chalk Ink on a glass jar? There are even more great ideas HERE in this video.

Ok, so you see how excited I am about being able to label all things, all things! Have  you seen the inside of my pantry? Tons of chalkboard labels and Chalk Ink! 

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