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Friday, October 14, 2016

The Kitchen is Done - the BIG Reveal!!!!

I have been given the opportunity, from MasterBrand Cabinets, 
to join with them in our kitchen renovation, which includes the donations of 
these unbelievable, quality cabinets. 

I can't believe it, but the kitchen is DONE!! It is unbelievably beautiful. We've increased our counter space by three fold! It's truly the most functional kitchen I've ever had! Are you ready to see it? I hope so, because I'm going to flood you with beautiful photos!

Before: Kitchen stuck in the 70s ::

Let me start with where our kitchen began, and you can go back to the beginning of our design process and demo process to see. We moved into our home in 2006, and this is what our kitchen looked like ten years ago, above left. Six years later, I have improved it as much as it could possibly be improved by painting the cabinets and putting new flooring in. But, it still lacked counter space, so I was using a hodge podge of things to add more counter space. The kitchen also felt very cramped! And now...

After: Amazing modern kitchen with black cabinets and white quartz counters ::

After: Amazing modern kitchen with black cabinets and white quartz counters ::

You tell me - doesn't it look twice as big?

Modern, updated kitchen with black cabinets and open shelving ::

This is the view of the kitchen when you walk in the front door. You can see there is a beautiful coffee/wine bar on the right side opposite of the dining area.

Coffee and Wine Bar done in black cabinets with chrome drawer pulls ::

Here is a good look at that same coffee/wine bar. The black cabinets are so beautiful with the white quartz counters. 

Modern, updated kitchen with open lay out, black cabinets and double oven ::

Looking across the kitchen in the other direction, you can see back towards the little entry area. 

Black cabinet drawers, stainless drawer pulls ::

When designing this kitchen, I asked for as many drawers as we could get in here! As you can see, we fit a good amount of drawers, a pull out trash can, a pull out spice cabinet/drawer, and more! It's loaded with all my dishes. It fits so much in those drawers. These cabinets are MasterBrand cabinets Diamond Line, Montgomery style in black. I absolutely LOVE the black shaker styled cabinets - they are perfect for our kitchen! They look classic and elegant! 

White quartz counters with pop up power pod ::

One of the surprises in the kitchen - one of several surprises - is the power pod that pops up out of the counter. I absolutely love this feature! It's perfect for when I'm preparing a meal and need to use multiple appliances at once. 

White quartz counters with pop up power pod ::

Here's how I use it, above. It's so convenient! I can even charge my smart phone with the USB charger!

Toe kick junk drawers, organized with clear drawer organizers ::

Another surprise in the kitchen are these AWESOME toe-kick drawers. I'll give you more details in my next post on the organizing of these, but I wanted to show you the drawers that pop out with just a gentle nudge of your foot! 

Pull out spice drawer ::

Also, this slide out base pantry is a nice surprise! It holds all my spices and blends that I use right next to my cooktop!

TV hidden behind cabinet doors ::

And, the TV that's hidden above this utility organizer drop zone cabinet - the bottom of the cabinet is full of my small appliances!

Large, deep stainless steal sink with Brizo touch-sensor faucet in matte black ::

Under sink storage caddy ::

The kitchen sink is absolutely huge and I have been wanting a single, stainless steel sink for over 10 years {our old, porcelain, double sink was so much work to keep clean}!  Under the sink is a built-in cleaning caddy, with a detachable caddy!

Floating shelves, clear glass shade sconce, carrara marble wall tile ::

Taking out the upper cabinets was the best decision I made! Having just floating shelves doesn't keep me from fitting everything in the rest of the kitchen - quite the opposite. There is so much organization and smart function in this kitchen that it wasn't necessary to have any upper cabinets! Plus, it makes the kitchen seem so much bigger!

Two tiered utensil drawer ::

The tiered cutlery divider helps to continue using smart organization in every space of our kitchen!

Gas cooktop, downdraft exhaust fan, open shelving, carrara marble ::

Did you notice that there is no overhead exhaust fan? That's on purpose! I really don't like those - just big and bulky. I like a nice, clean look. So, I got a five-burner gas cooktop with a built-in downdraft exhaust fan that exhausts right outside! It works BETTER than any of my overhead fans every did! 

Built-in double convection oven ::

The other new appliance is our double convection oven. Oh, it's divine and I have a huge cabinet over the top of it that holds all of my larger dishes and trays. 

From sketch design to true-to-life - modern kitchen makeover with black Diamond cabinets ::

As you can see, my kitchen turned out to be amazing! The designer that I worked with at MasterBrand cabinets was truly the best! She listened to my ideas and was able to put on paper exactly what I had in my brain! These cabinets are from the Diamond line of cabinets from MasterBrand cabinets and they are top quality, gorgeous cabinets. It was such a pleasure to work with them and I am ever so grateful that they were willing to allow me the opportunity! What is your favorite part of the kitchen?

Before: updated 70s kitchen to After: Modern kitchen with black cabinets ::

Like something I have in my kitchen? Click on the product to find where I purchased them:

Cabinets - MasterBrand Cabinets
Wall Color - Sherwin-Williams "Morning Fog"
Stools -
Custom Shades - Smith and Noble
Hardware - D.Lawless Hardware
Wall Tile - Floor & Decor
Double Oven - Sears, Kenmore Elite
Cooktop - Jenn Air, Pacific Sales
Dishwasher - Bosch
Refrigerator - Samsung
Ceiling Fans - Home Depot
Wall Sconces - Rejunvenation
Toaster Oven - Sur La Table
Flooring - Go here
Dining Room Chandelier - Joss & Main
Dishes/Accessories on Floating shelves - Zulilly, Joss & Main, Home Goods
Canvas art in dining area - Joss & Main
Dining room table - World Market
Dining room chairs - Ikea
Dining Room bench - Wayfair
Kitchen Sink - Lowes, Kraus
Kitchen Faucet - Brizo, Solan in Matte Black
Toe Kick Drawer Organizers - Organize My Drawer {10% off your first order with code: OMF10  by November 15, 2016}

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  1. It looks great. You should see if they will feature it on Apartment Therapy. :-)

  2. I am loving it all, especially the ceiling fans! Are they quiet?

    1. The ceiling fans are beautiful. No they aren't silent - the low setting is fairly quiet but they are pretty loud when they are on high - but, they can cool things down FAST!

  3. Awesome, Becky! Congratulations on your new kitchen. It looks marvelous, and it's such fun to see how you've organized it all.

    Thanks for the intro to Master Brand cabinets. I've never heard of that company before. Looks like the quality is excellent.

  4. Does the downdraft suck the gas flame? Ours does and makes high heat become low heat :(

    1. I haven't had any problems with it sucking the flame - the flame is pretty hot and it is much quieter than a conventional overhead exhaust fan.

  5. BEAUTIFUL!! Love all the extra organizing touches! Pinning so I can remember them when I design my dream kitchen in the future!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Wow! It really did turn out amazingly beautiful. I love the clean look and what a great idea to have a pop up power pod!

  8. LOVE it all so much! I especially love the honeycomb tiles on the walls. We also have a stainless steel sink and wouldn't trade it for all the porcelain in the world. I wondered how your black cabinets would look but they didn't make the kitchen look darker at all, probably because there aren't any uppers. I also got rid of uppers in my kitchen, above the sink, and I opened up the existing ones on the opposite wall by removing the doors, filling the screw holes, sanding and painting white with oil based paint. Amazing how even small changes can totally change a room. This was well worth the wait, I bet. It looks awesome.

    1. Yes - this kitchen can definitely handle black cabinets without any problem!

  9. Simply beautiful Becky. How long did the reno.take?

  10. Where do i start, well its beautiful. I love the spot lights, power bar that hides away, sink, gas stove top. When can i move in? LOL

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  12. You must be so excited! It looks fabulous, absolutely beautiful! I want a new kitchen :)

  13. Turned out great. I love all the details and those toe kick drawers!!


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