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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Getting Ready for School - part 4 (Homework time)

Part of getting ready for school is setting up an area for your kids to do their homework and making the supplies available.  Here is a great picture that one of my readers sent me of how she organized her boys' homework and school supplies.  Isn't that great?

Find a simple system to have your kids do homework and stick to that, as much as possible.  We have had teachers who send home their homework once for the whole week, and other teachers who send home their homework each night.  Either way, I always have an after-school routine for the kids.  For my kids, they get to have an after-school snack when they get home (helps them re-focus and get a break) and then I have them do their homework and then read for 15 minutes.  Once they are done, they are allowed to play.

It's a simple routine and I help them as little as I can.  I really try to keep have them do their homework alone.  It's understandable if your kids need your help with homework, but really try to just get them started and then make them do as much as they can. It's important, to me, that they learn to be able to get their homework done independently.  I am a piano teacher at home two afternoons a week, so my children have had to learn to work independently while I'm teaching (sometimes they ask the Mom of the student for help).  I'll set out a snack for them they get started on their after-school routine. Thanks to after-school carpool, I'm able to keep teaching even through the time school gets out.

Lastly, try to set up a place that's quiet and free from other distractions.  We have two options for my kids - they have a desk in their room to go and work at, OR they can go in our family room where there is a table and chairs with supplies nearby.

I hope your child's school year has gotten off to a great start!  Try to keep after-school time low-key.  It's a great time to unwind, but also try to leave plenty of time to spend as a family in the evening for nothing but being together, having a family dinner as often as possible.  Honestly, I have a couple days a week that we have to get to therapies and run around, but I have tried to have all the appointments and activities on one super, crazy day.  I would rather one crazy day than a little bit each day so it's done and over with.  How about you?  

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  1. I am so with you on having one crazy day. Ours is Tuesday. Both girls have dance and my older son has cub scouts on Tuesdays. We try to fit everything else (doctor's appts, meetings, etc,) in on that day too.

    I'm trying very hard to get my kids to be more independent. They want help with everything. It's a constant battle for us.

  2. I'm so glad I'm not the only one! Our Tuesday is also packed...from morning to night, but it's the only day I really have that full of a schedule, thankfully!


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