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Friday, August 27, 2010

Vacation from projects....

So, my sweet hubby and I had a half vacation, half business trip recently to Oregon!  It's so beautiful up there!  I must say, one of my favorite places to be...especially since the weather was so nice.  

With that said...progress on our kitchen is at a stand still.  Hard to do any projects when you're not home. mom (oh, I have a fantastic mom), stayed with our kids and painted all kinds of trim in our kitchen and music room.  Who does that?  Well, my mom does!

So, not complete stand still, but VERY slow!  Hubby has mudded and taped all the nasty stuff and is planning on working some more on getting that sanded so I can begin painting...then I have more plans!  I've got curtains ready to hang, a huge wall decal from etsy ready to put up,  and I've got new shades picked out (saving up for those) - not to mention what I've got planned for my old buffet table (got some FREE granite, can you believe it?).

So...exciting, huh?  Life isn't always the way we plan it to be.  This means that this quick wall-tear-down is teaching me to have patience and love my hubby more!

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  1. I've never been to Oregon. Though we have been to Seattle. It's a beautiful area! Ah, our last down stairs project 'the children's playroom' has been on hold all summer long. Hopefully we can get back into our paint, organize, renovate swing once the cooler weather sets in!


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