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Monday, August 6, 2012

Dorm Room vs. small spaces organizing

I'm going to subject you to my college dorm room! I think college is when I first started getting myself really organized. I only found a couple of pictures but the first one is my "first" college dorm room. I was 18 and lived in this apartment-type open room where there were five of us packed into the room. So, this was my "wall" of where I claimed to keep organized!

This second one is my sophomore year - much more "normal" dorm room. Same bedding but you can see more of my organizing - my many sweaters folded neatly on the shelf, back of the door for our towels, schedule on my closet doors, my keyboard and books on the top shelf, a microwave stand I turned into a vanity {with fabric panels to hide stuff},  and more {please don't mind my Tampax box, though!}. I actually loved living in a small space as it really pushed me to think outside the box to organize all my stuff. 

Really, if you think about it, dorm living is really similar to living in a small space. I know many of you have commented to me at how small a house or space you have an need more ideas! 

Have you noticed this time of year rolls around and all kinds of dorm room stuff on sale? As I was shopping this year, I noticed it everywhere...I must say, when I went to college some  20+ years ago, there wasn't all this cool stuff!

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But, now that there is, I want to show you how shopping for this stuff now can help get you organized in your HOME, not just dorm room! See above, there are several ways you can use each of these "dorm ideas" in your own home. The stuff bucket is great if you have a teenager that wants to keep his/her stuff in one area under the sink, separate from siblings. They can pull it out as needed to use their own products, perhaps to keep the clutter out of the shower/tub area, too. The Aussie pouch for the chair is SUCH a clever idea - isn't it? You can use this is in a kids' space or even in an adult office space. How about those purses on the wall being displayed? Clever way to use Command Hooks. 

{1} Underbed shoe storage {2} Door knob organizer {3} Under bed glide storage {4} Wonder Hanger {5} Bed Risers {6} Baggler

How about a shared room by siblings? Can you relate to your kids having to share a space and can't fit everything. Well, here are some neat "dorm room" products that can be used for just that! Under-bed shoe storage, door knob organizer, under-bed gliding storage {got this for my daughter recently}, Wonder Hangers {VERY cool for small closets}, bed risers so that you can more under the bed or put an extra mattress, and a baggler to help you carry a bunch of bags in the house all at once {I just thought it was a clever product}. So, when you see a sale on organizing products for dormatory use, think about how your small space could benefit from them also! If you're looking for more small space storage ideas, go to my Pinterest Board: Small Space Organizing for even more inspiration!

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