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Friday, August 3, 2012

Behind the scenes of the Project Shed

I've been getting all kinds of questions about my Project Shed that I revealed to you last week! So, today I hope to answer just about all of them....then next week I'll share ALL the organizing in there because that is just the fun part!

So my best friend and I went out to lunch recently and she said...."OK, I love your shed project, but what in the world did you do with your lawn mower?"  Good question, right? If you see the before and after, it's gone! Vanished, disappeared! Where did it go?  Well, let me tell you it's not gone. I did not get rid of it. It's called "staging" and I don't want to fool you all into thinking that everything is perfect, so I'm letting you know that we bloggers "stage" things in pictures to look pretty and nice.

 Here is what it really looks like each day. I think it still looks nice and neat, but it's not "staged."  If you're observant, you'll notice that in the right corner, I've had to add a few extra tools like the sledge hammer, pick axe, and axe - and that I moved the two shovels onto the same hook {which we'll talk more about hooks next week} along with adding the lawn mower back where it belongs!

My blog-friend Lisa Pennington came out to help me with this fantastic shed project. She is seriously talented and really helped me make some great "design" choices for my shed. She is responsible for thinking up the "B" on the pegboard and then she painted it - without her I would never have been able to do that! Go HERE to find out HOW she made that letter because she is also posting today about my shed!

Before Lisa got here, though, my Hubby and I had a LOT of work to get done and prep for. We spent several weekends doing all the "fun" work of prepping the shed. It had to be completely stripped down to the studs. We found out that we have a rat problem that was much worse than anticipated - I have never seen so many rat droppings!! Yuck!

Anyway, I looked for a lot of inspiration for my potting shed so I created a Pinterest Board called Potting bench/shed so I could come up with some ideas of what I wanted. It really helped me come up with ideas and colors...

The potting bench itself is made from two bathroom cabinets I bought at The Habitat for Humanity ReStore for $45 each. We realized they were rather short and so my Hubby decided to take some 4 x 4 {pressure treated since it will sit on the cement} and raised them up so they were at a much higher level. Looks good and you can't tell because I painted the boards the same color as the cabinet. The countertop is made from a door I bought at the ReStore for $25. It is a 9 foot tall, plain door {which I was looking for something specifically like that}. I sanded it slightly and applied a stain and poly all-in-one to the top of it and it's really beautiful!

You may not have noticed, but in the before and after shots the door to the backyard is actually turned into a dutch door. It didn't make for very good pictures, but it is a fabulous change to the shed that you should know about. It lets in a nice breeze and it's my "window" in the shed!

Doing all this work cost some money. Are you interested to know how much it cost? Well, Sherwin Williams gave me a budget of $500 - which seems like a lot of money. But, it's not as much as you think so I had to be careful how I spent the money and used coupons for several of my purchases.

Breakdown of costs:

Paint      -  $47.94
Wood     - $178.00
Pegboard    - $11.48
Cupboards  - $90.00
Countertop  - $25.00
Shelving      - $102.00
Organizing Supplies - $30.00
Lighting       - $6.00
Misc. -         - $9.58

Total = $500

I LOVE this shed...potting my plants is a completely different experience now. I've already done a lot of potting since finishing it. Okay, did I answer all your questions? If not, ask away...I'll be answering all your organizing questions next week!

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