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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tweaking and organizing the Linen Closet

One of my summer "to-do" list items was to re-work my linen closet. I've done it before but because it's been a couple of years, there is just some stuff in it that hasn't really worked like I wanted and I also had to fit more stuff in and take some stuff out.

So, I'll give you a glimpse of re-organizing. Once you get things organized in a certain area of your home, you'll notice after awhile that it needs to be re-organized or tweaked. It's perfectly normal and it just happens as time goes on and maybe you system isn't working how you'd hope. So, just adjust it and try something different.  Or maybe you see something FABULOUS on Pinterest and want to try it that way - which I sort of did too!

I have this great built-in linen closet in our hallway. Our house was built in the 1940s so it has some great details like this, and other not-so-great things, too! But, these are definitely one of my favorite things.

I think before was has worked for awhile but it was getting messy and I now had a new humidifier that I couldn't fit under the kids bathroom counter and this was the only place it would fit. It was getting in the way. The linens were organized but I couldn't remember which size was where. The blankets were spilling out and I didn't like how they laid in there.

The baskets have liners in them, but they are really in the way of labeling how I want them. So, I took those out. I got these baskets many years ago on the clearance aisle at Target because they were "Christmas" as the liners had snow flakes on them, but I just turned the liners inside-out and Christmas was gone! Then, I used some leftover chalkboard tags that I had made a little while back and didn't use to finish up this project. My friend, Lisa has similar ones of these in her Etsy shop, too.

I also made up a nice guest amenities basket that I keep in this linen closet. It is filled with all kinds of goodies for my guests to use, if necessary. I pull it out and set it up when they come to stay.

Once I got all the baskets labeled {using one of my favorite tools, cable ties}, I put them back up there.

I decided I wanted to roll the kids' swimming towels and see how it worked out. So far, it's good. They aren't yanking out the towels from back and making a mess of other towels. It's like how I fold their shirts and pants in their drawers and they can see what they want without making a mess of everything else. I keep the swim bag fully stocked with sunscreen and goggles.

It's not a dramatic before and after, but with a little tweaking it is making a big difference in there. I've been able to maintain it easier. 

The linen closet also has a whole bunch of drawers. I actually have several empty! The two on the right bottom are empty so that when we have a guest, I can use those for my daughter as her "dresser" or to put extra pillows, if necessary. I have another drawer just for pillow cases - cause we have a bunch and the kids like to have a cute one with their bedding instead of the matching ones. There are also table linens in another two drawers and one drawer has old sheets and towels for that "just in case" something goes terribly wrong and we have spillage of some sort to clean up and I need to grab something fast!

What kind of linen organizing do you do? A closet, a drawer, a cabinet, nothing? Any other great ideas for organizing your linens and towels?

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