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Monday, August 19, 2013

The best organizing advice you'll ever get!

What is the BEST organizing advice that you ever got? Can you think of it right now? If not, I have some! If so, you can tell us at the end!

I asked my Facebook readers last week what was the BEST organizing advice they ever got, and boy did they ever give some great answers! Here is a collection of what they said:

  • Get rid of everything you have not used in a year.
  • Two things: Make lists. Second: set a timer for 15 minutes and work for that amount of time. Then, reset it, keep going.
  • The house will never be spotless while your children are young. Be happy that you are so blessed.
  • If you haven't use it in a year, in most cases, it can go.
  • Less is more. The less stuff I have, the more time is on my hands for things other than organizing.
  • Touch ever piece of mail only ONCE. File or throw it away RIGHT when it come in.
  • Clean the kitchen as you cook.
  • Don't sweat the small stuff - especially for an OCD person that can mean the world.
  • You can't organize clutter.
  • I don't want to leave a mess when I die, so I'm trying to organize it now.

  • Hook your clothes hangers backwards in your closet when sorting through the clothes so you can see what you really wear. Get rid of what you don't wear that year.
  • Label everything, even clear containers.
  • Buy a label maker and label everything. Give everything a "home" and it is easier to keep a clean house and know where things are.
  • The acronym SPACE - Sort, Purge, Assign, Containerize, Equalize {from Organizing from the Inside Out}
  • Keep like items together and use a label maker!
  • A place for everything and everything in its place. Having things without a place equals instant chaos for me.
  • Never bring more than you take out - for each new item, get rid of something old.

  • Tidy up at night time when kids are in bed. It's easier to wake up to a tidy house.
  • Throw it away.
  • Go through mail by garbage and throw out junk ASAP.
  • Get rid of stuff!
  • Never leave a room empty handed!
  • Everything in your house should either be considered beautiful or believe to be useful.
  • Less is more...
  • Use a timer - it will keep you from overdoing it or becoming overwhelmed.
  • Use a basket/tote in your car -- keep it handy, pack it quick or throughout the week, carry it to the car. This equals drama free exits with little children.
  • Less is so much easier to clean and organize. 
  • Put it away immediately.
  • "Finish the cycle."
  • Less is best
  • If in doubt, throw it out.
  • Don't purge for the sake of purging. Ask yourself what you do want, not what you don't want.
  • Like things together
  • Use a file cabinet instead of a drawer for paperwork.
  • Have an unclutterd house by not bringing home what you don't need.
  • For me {the reader}, I like to make it look neat and pretty. If it doesn't look pleasing to the eye, I'm far less likely to maintain it.
  • Buy something that serves more than just one purpose.
  • Don't make a mess.
  • OHIO - Only Handle It Once. Maintain everyday then you can "clean" on a day off. 
So, what's the best organizing advice you've ever gotten? Do you have something else to add?

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