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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

11 Back to School Organizing Ideas you want to see!

School has started for some and just about to for others! I've got some great posts to help you get motivated to organize and get your kids ready!

Before you even start school, go through your kids' stuff and start seeing what fits and what doesn't.

Org Junkie

It surprises me how many things they outgrow over the summer! Check out some great advice, here, about how to do that. 

Ask Anna
Have your breakfasts ready before you start each week by doing THIS ahead of time. 

Clean Mama

Make folders for all of your kids' work with this FREE printable from Clean Mama and get them organized by child and grade. 

Ask Anna

Or use magazine file boxes to sort out each school year. Go HERE to see more about that.

Thirty Handmade Days

OR, another great way is to organize with binders - go HERE for the free printable for these cute binders!! Three great ways to contain the homework and paperwork clutter that comes from school!
Organizing Made Fun

When they head to school, they need a morning schedule to keep them moving - or have a set of chores to finish before school if it's at all possible {my kids work best in the mornings and poop out after school}.

Iheart Organizing

Packing lunches is an important part of the morning {or the night before}! My kids have always had to make their own lunches, so having things set up for them to grab ensures they pack the right things to keep them full during the day.

Organizing Made Fun

After school they need a place to store their things when they walk in the door! Having an entry or drop zone is crucial!

A Bowl Full of Lemons

The school supplies need a place when they are needing to do homework and school assignments at home. Be sure to have them organized, perhaps like this one above so it's not taking up a lot of room in your home!

Organizing Made Fun

And setting up a place to have the kids do homework or computer work, like this one above. 

Ask Anna

A great bedtime routine is crucial, as well! This post, above, has some great ideas for getting ready the night before! So, there you go! Lots of ideas to get you going for the school year! What are your favorite tips for keeping organized?

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