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Friday, June 1, 2012

OMF Headquarters: The BIG reveal of my office

It's done! My office is done....not only done, but it is fabulous! I LOVE to work in there!

So, here begins the pictures...the tour of my tiny office! This is where it all happens, where I blog and work and work and blog! I spent 3 days painting this office desk. It's absolutely worth all the time and effort that I had to put into it.  I called it "the beast" whenever I had to go and paint another coat! It took two coats of primer {with a wipe down of liquid sandpaper first} and two coats of semi-gloss. 

Here is the before and after of the desk. It's amazing what paint will do! I added a "backsplash" by making a magnetic bulletin board - I've made them twice before and this was the perfect way to have something functional and pretty all at the same time. I also ordered a piece of glass to have on the top so it makes for a much nicer work surface. It is easier to clean and virtually impossible to mess up the painted surface.

On the other side of my office is the library area. If you get confused, remember that I mentioned in my other posts that I was switching the room around. So, where the desk WAS is where the Library area is now. Where the bookshelves are NOW is next to the wall where the desk WAS. I hope you're not too confused - I basically switched them opposite of where they were!

Here is the dramatic before and after of the bookshelves. I must warn you that I'm no stylist so my bookshelves are simply filled with books - organized by category and shortest to tallest. I also don't have the room to turn them different directions and add vases and fancy stuff to them. They are functional because they are full of the books that need to be in there. Just having them painted the creamy white, alone, makes a dramatic difference.

In front of my computer stand there is a new chevron poof for my kiddos. They love to come in here and sit in my office while I'm working. They have done all kinds of things - read, play on Ipad, put puzzles together, and so forth. I found the mirror in another room in the house. It was perfect for this spot so I painted it a cheery yellow. I needed a place for my {turquoise} camera bag and my {purple} laptop bag and have the best hiding spot for it in the printer stand. 

The poof can be moved around or used as an ottoman with the chair. The kids sometimes like to come up to the desk and work on small projects with me and so they can do that with it, too.

It's such a tiny room {at 8 x 12} but well used. Personally I prefer having a tiny room for an office. I just needed it to be cheerful and bright. Now, I have all that and more. It's so cozy and fun. Next week I'm going to share all the organizing details with you - inside and out! Don't worry, I'll also soon be sharing all the costs and how-to's and colors of the room, as well! You just have to wait and see!!

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