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Friday, May 11, 2012

Progress on the office {aka, OMF headquarters}

I've been busy trying to get my office ready to work in. I'm the kind of gal that, once I get started on a project, I have to get it finished as fast as I can! That's good, and that's bad!  Mostly good, though!

So, my office was arranged in this order where I had the bookshelves on the wall near the window and my desk across from there. We had it that way because the neighbor up from us could see directly into my office when I was working and it felt weird...but, since then they put some nice tropical trees right in front of there, and having my back to the window made me feel so sad! 

This was my Instagram picture {with scratchy Iphone lens}

The first thing my hubby and I did was rearrange the room. Hubby came up with the clever idea of putting the bookshelves along the wall across from the closet, instead of where the desk was. This saved us lots of room. The small 8 x 12 foot room needs as much space as it can get!

We also decided that it was time to get rid of the big PC {send it back to Hubby's work}, since I no longer use it and that freed up a chunk of floor space. I also wanted to move the paper shredder out from under my desk as it was constantly in my way.

Once we rearranged the room, I could really see what I wanted out of it. And, since we had to pull ALL the books off the bookshelf to move the furniture around, I figured it would be best to go ahead and paint the first piece - the bookshelf - since I'd have to put all the books back eventually anyway. 

You'll notice that there is blue painter's tape on the floor. That was because I was ordering a rug online. I wanted to be sure that it was going to be the right size - not too big, not too small!

Painting furniture is no small task. This, being oak colored pine wood, was no exception. So, I'll up date you soon with more painting...seriously, I painted for three days straight! 

Here is your sneak peak at the first piece I painted...which isn't included in the three days straight of painting - as life interrupted me in the middle of painting this one before I could finish it. What do you think? More soon!

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