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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Updates, Vacation, and More...

As most of you know, I was away last week in Boca Raton, Florida with my husband, and I shared many of my craziness in pictures on Instagram. He was there on a business trip so I travel with him to this particular conference each year with him.


Here are a few of the photos from our trip. In the first photo, I am trying on an outfit deciding if I should buy it! In the second photo, I had a lot of schedules to prepare: house sitter, kids, and even wrote special notes for each kid on each day we were gone. 


I got my new business cards the afternoon before we left. Many of the people I meet have no idea what a "blogger" is and so it's nice to have a business card to give them. The second pictures shows that I hate packing....it's the one thing I procrastinate doing. When I go with my hubby, I have to plan several outfits a day, plus jewelry, and shoes and all that so it's a lot of work. I took that photo at 9 PM the night before we left.

We left EARLY...seriously, can you believe what time we were up? But, traveling with my hubby has it's perks!


It rained for four of the days we were there...then the last day finally got sunny! I was able to get two good days of vacation while in Florida. But, I actually spent two more days of my "vacation" working. Yep...working! I'll tell you why! I have been wanting to update the OMF website for months and months....but, it takes hours and hours and hours of interrupted work to get that done. So, THIS was the perfect opportunity. I had so many wonderful bloggers who filled in for me while I was away so I could do just that.  So...let me tell you about all the NEW things I've done to make OMF a better blog for YOU.

First, on my right side bar, I have updated all my ways you can connect with me - and I have a LOT of ways you can keep up with OMF! Twitter, Pinterest, Scribd, RSS Feed, Email, Google Plus, Instagram, Bloglovin', and Facebook! Whew...that's a lot of social media! Now it's all in one spot so you can click on whichever button to follow me on whatever you use - whether it's some or all of them!

I also have been wanting a way for the many of you who search for all kinds of organizing ideas, but make it in an easy way. So, I have a NEW tab at the top of the page called "Organizing Ideas" and it is FULL of every single organizing idea I have done for the {almost} two years I've been blogging, broken down by category, to make it easy for you to find just what you're looking for - with pictures you just click on to take you directly to the post. Anytime you wonder about how to organize a specific area of your space, GO THERE! I have so many ideas...and many, many more to come. This will be updated weekly so as I post about organizing, the page will keep filling up with my ideas of organizing made fun!

I also wanted a place to go to for all the projects I've done on OMF. So, I created another tab called "OMF Projects" that has all of them categorized in one place. It's easy, you just click on the picture and it will take you directly to the post. This will also be updated weekly so keep checking back.

Another thing I did was make my very popular series "31 Days to {Cheaply} Organize Your Home" and made it much more easy to navigate.

 Another tab called "Organizing Series" is new to the top bar with a collection of every organizing series I've done. This will help you go back through each one you're interested in {or forgot about or didn't know about} and see what I've blogged about}.

Last...you can ALWAYS use my Search engine or the "Labels" on the right side bar if you want to find something else. I also have an OMF Amazon Store because I often get requests about where to get certain organizing and cleaning items, or books that I use. I have tried finding products that are reasonably priced and yet going to do what you need them to do. This is also towards the bottom of my OMF page in the right side bar. I hope you are as excited about all these updates as I am to have them! Please feel free to pin ANY of the new pages and to pass them on to your friends who are looking for ideas to organize or decorate or do projects around the house.  My goal is to keep you motivated and I hope this continues to do so!

When you get a chance to look through all the changes, let me know what you think. Does it make it easier for you to find what you're looking for? Are you excited to have it all in one place? This is YOUR resource, too, so use it like that!! I'm happy to be able to provide this for you, so I ask that if you're happy with OMF to "pin" what you like and pass it on to your friends when you are excited about something! Thank you to my wonderful readers!!!

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