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Friday, May 18, 2012

OMF headquarters: the overview!

As you read this, my hubby is whisking me away for a weekend getaway in Palm Springs!  He worked super hard on this big project from fall through January of this year, and his boss rewarded him {us} with a trip there :) It's going to be a lovely time...although he'll be playing golf for the day tomorrow with his boss, but he's sending me off to the spa for a little {belated} Mother's Day gift!! Anyway.....more progress on my office!

My desk in progress! Still MUCH left to do!

I am super excited to share with you the overall progress of my home office! I painted and painted and painted....oh, man it's been a lot of work! But, it looks fantastic! My whole point for changing the office was to brighten it up and make it look updated and modern. It's already looking that way, too!

The area I showed you last week, is now sporting a stylish chair from, side table {from Home Goods}, and beautiful Martha Stewart rug {from}. I had some birthday money that I used to purchase a couple of these items. The chair is my favorite because the kids can come in my office while I'm working and chat with me, hang out and read, or just be with me. This summer I have to figure out my office hours while they are home, so this may help with that.

There are so many details left to do. I had my hubby hang this drum ceiling light from Ikea - seriously cute and reasonably priced at $39 for the large {these things run around $150+ elsewhere}.

Since we got rid of the ceiling fan, I wanted to have the air circulation still when it's warm out. So, I got this darling fan at Target a few weeks back. I put it up in the corner on top of the hutch of the desk. It's classy looking - a little loud, but that doesn't bother me when I'm alone during the day working.

So, one of the best parts of my office is the new skytube! It's fantastic!! It really brings a ton of light into the office. It's no longer that cave feeling. We got it at Home Depot and it has a remote control....

You can open and close it. It even has a nightlight for nighttime. This would be ideal if it was in a bedroom where you didn't want the moonlight to come in at night.

There is a BIG difference of having it in here. Here is an untouched picture of the difference. The natural light it allows in is just beautiful and cheery. 

It only takes up a tiny portion on our roof, too. 

Last, I had to find someplace to put my printer and shredder and receipt scanner. I scoured and scoured the internet and stores looking for something that would work. But, I would find that no cabinet was deep enough to hold the printer, or if it was, it was too wide and wouldn't fit in that spot! 

So, I had to come up with something on my own. I found two $20 bookshelves and had my hubby put them together, back to back. Then, he strapped and glued it to make it secure. They were deep enough now to accomodate the printer and had the shelving to hold my camera bag, laptop bag, printer, shredder, and receipt scanner.

What I have left to do:

  • Make magnetic bulletin board for the desk
  • Cover file/magazine boxes with something
  • Make wall art for the back wall
  • Organize the inside of the desk even more!
  • FIND that crazy handle I lost on my desk drawer {did you notice that in the picture above?}
  • Get glass for the desk top
  • Spray paint existing items in a pop of color
  • Some lighting for reading area at night
Good grief there is still so much left! But, I got a LOT done already! What do you think? 

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