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Friday, April 29, 2016

April fun and Keeping up with life!

Its hard to believe April is already done! I've been busy traveling and learning all sorts of wonderful things that I am so excited to share with you in the coming months on OMF. 

This month we've had a month of spring themed posts including gardening, traveling and spring cleaning.  If you missed anything you can find it here.

Things have been so busy around here that I have renewed my zeal for organization every day in order to simply keep up with life. I wanted to take the time to share 6 quick tips that help me keep my home in order in the midst of a busy month like I've just had.

1. Spend just 15 minutes a day keeping up with your cleaning.   When life gets busy just set the timer and take 15 minutes to clean.  You'll be surprised what you can accomplish. 

2.  Finish what you start.  When you are extra busy, its not time to start a project that will take you hours to finish! Keep your projects simple and finish them! 

3.  Get help!  If you are not the only one in the house making messes then you should not be the only person cleaning them up.  Find ways to get the help you need especially when its busy! 

4.  Clean as you go. Grandma was right.  Its much easier to clean up that spill when it first happens rather than waiting till its stuck on like cement! 

5. Put it back where you got it!  It is truly a simple truth that will go a long way to keeping your house in order.  

6. Declutter often.  Make it a habit to keep clutter at bay by getting rid of things you don't need or use on a regular basis.  Donate them or have a garage sale and make a little cash to donate or use for something special for you or your family.  

This month we have a new sponsor that you're just going to love especially during your spring cleaning and decluttering. YardSales.net 

 Have you been wanting to have a Yard Sale to get rid of some of your clutter?  This website is the perfect place to advertise your sale.  Or maybe you're looking for a good deal and want to find all the best sales before you leave the house in this Saturday morning?  Try searching for a sale near you! 

Alejandra Costello is a Professional Organizer who shows people how to become organized so they can live a more productive, efficient, and stress-free life.

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For more organizing inspiration, check out Alejandra’s newest videos:

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I use my Cozi family planning app to stay organized every single day!  If your family is busy like mine then its perfect calendar for you! 

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