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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Put it back - how to have a {fake} immaculate house (part 8)

So are you able to keep your house looking pretty decent now?  After all we've talked about for the last couple of months, I'm hoping that you gleaned at least one or two helpful ways to keep up with your house - and hopefully you've even got other {hint: your kids} helping to make your house stay cleaned up.  It's not that having a "perfect" house is so drastically important - or makes you any more godly than anyone else.  But, it's the fact that you can always have an open door to having others over and making them feel comfortable and enjoy it.  I mean, having no where to sit because your couch is filled with laundry {whether clean or dirty} is probably not a great way to invite someone for tea.  I do NOT spend a lot of time working on cleaning my house, despite what others seem to think.  I used to do my 15 minutes a day of cleaning, back when the kids were super little.  But, now I have one day of cleaning/laundry and I'm done for the week.  In fact, even though I can see the floors need vacuuming probably more often, I don't vacuum everyday - only if something spills or the kids make a big mess under the kitchen table {that's when THEY have to get the little hand vacuum and clean it up}.  Plus, there ARE benefits to having a dog, really there are!

This week I want to focus on "putting things back". First it's important that you actually know WHERE to put it.  So, if you find that you take something out to use and don't know where it goes back...that may mean you have something else to work on!

Here's another way to teach kids - do you sense my hints about teaching kids to do stuff {they are REALLY useful, too, once they get older}.  When you take something out, put it back.  But, don't wait to put it back a few days later.  Put it back, right away.  As soon as you're done with it!  Really?  Could it be that simple?  Umm, yep!

My kids know my constant mantra of saying "are you done playing with your Barbies/trains? Put them away when you're done."  My son know so well that he says "Mom, of course I put it away, I was done with it."  Makes my heart leap for joy!!  Set a good example, put it away when you're done with it.  Letting things lie around "un-put-away" {OK, that's a word I made up} is only going to make your house more cluttered and less put together.  

If you missed any part of this series, go back and look over from the last few weeks!  Be inspired.  Make your New Year's resolution to get your house {fake} immaculate next year!

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