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Friday, December 10, 2010

How we organized a boys' new desk!

 So, we took the old desk from the entry, replaced it with a new entry dresser, and then we took that desk and repainted it and put it in my son's room.  We're going to be slowly updating his room.  

So, my sweet boy and I worked on organizing his desk.  I highly recommend that you teach your children how to organize their own things.  Allow them to label things with a label maker or their own writing.  Teach them how to set up a system.  This will be a life-long skill you teach them.  Not only will it help them personally, but it could be helpful for them as a job skill later in life.  

On to his desk!  He loves his new desk because he gets to take his Hot Wheels cars and use the stripes as racing tracks!  So they match his bedding!  

So, we found some spare organizing bins around the house and put them in his desk.  You could use 99 Cent Store bins or even cardboard boxes wrapped in something fun!  Here is how we divided up his junk stuff. 

Each drawer we set up so that when he was sitting at his desk, he could easily see what goes in each bin. 

This desk also has a great big bottom drawer for files.  I taught him how to file and how to set up files.  He did a great job.  I wrote them out for him on these great tabs...

Then, he made a pattern with the colored file folders and decided what he wanted to be written on each tab.  It's easy for him.  He put each thing that went into each category, easily!

Then, he set up his top drawer for all his pencils and other goodies.  I used this other organizing bin when it was already in this desk from before.  I just left it in for him and used his little goodies in it - coins, rocks, etc.

Isn't it great!  A kid who can organize!  If he can do it, so can you!  Get inspired and clean up your desk.  Remember our office series?  Go back and look over all that and get your own desk cleaned up!

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