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Friday, January 1, 2016

Welcome 2016!

It has been a full year of fun here at Organizing Made Fun!  It has been so much fun getting to remake my RV and closets this year Not to mention updating my son's room and my own Home Office.

 Its a privilege to care for my home and family while working from home and sharing some of my favorite products and gadgets with youJust in December alone we have had posts on everything from chalk ink and stoking stuffers to potty training.   

If you missed anything this December you can find the links here. 

We also have some fantastic sponsors here at OMF!   They each value organization and seek to serve their clients with the best products and services they can offer.  Have you had the chance to check out any of them this year?  I would love to hear how you have benefited form these partners!

Alejandra.TV Has been one of our sponsors for many years now!  She keeps you motivated and teaches you creative ways to organize with her fantastic videos.  

She has a special this week where you can get her Power Productivity program at a 51% off!  Thats an amazing deal!  If you want to get organized in the new year you will definitely benefit from her series!

FullCircleHome.com is one of our newest sponsors this year.  They have has some wonderful basket giveaways through the holiday season to introduce their products to you all.

  Full Circle is a great company that creates sustainable, yet beautiful and useful products for your home.  "Sustainability is great, design is vital, functionality is essential, but when all three come together, that’s when things start to get really interesting."  If you haven't seen them yet you won't want to miss out their attention to detail in the design process is fantastic! 

Maybe you have a new years resolution to get your kitchen organized?  You will definitely want to visit Organizemydrawer.com.  They are a veteran-owned company that is  "dedicated to providing a simple and intuitive online design experience that allows you to design useful, space-saving drawer and tray organizers that we can quickly manufacture and deliver at a fair price."

Organize My Drawer :: OrganizingMadeFun.com

Have you decided you MUST get your family's schedule organized this year?  I love using the Cozi App on my smartphone.   You can link your family's schedules together simply so everyone knows what everyone else is up to at any given time.  Cozi is the must-have app for the modern family.  Best of all, ITS FREE! 

FREE Cozi App for keeping your family organized :: OrganizingMadeFun.com

Do you love organizing as much as I do?  Consider becoming a professional organizer! Here's where you can get started. 

Thank You for Reading in 2015 and Happy New Year!

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