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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

How to Get Organized Without Spending Any Money!

Getting organized doesn’t have to be costly, especially since doling out money on cute but pricey organizing containers isn’t the solution.  Believe me, I understand the lure of container shopping but urge you to hang onto your money until you edit your stuff.  It’s likely you won’t need containers if you edit enough stuff. 

How to Get Organized  Without Spending  Any Money!

My organizing clients rarely need to spend additional funds on containers. Are you surprised to hear this? We commonly empty or pare down the contents of their current containers while we downsize their belongings and frequently discover bins they previously purchased.

Hiring a professional organizer isn’t always necessary.  Organization can be a do-it-yourself project if you are motivated, focused and ready to make decisions.  Find a nice, nonjudgmental friend to help you or to keep you company while you work.  Another option is an accountability partner.  Do you have a friend who has mentioned they need to get organized?  They may be the perfect partner.

You can actually make money by decluttering!  

There are things in your home, not being used by your family that could be sold.  Take a look around right now.  Consider selling extra furniture, decorations, tools, clothing, sporting equipment, electronics, and children’s items you are currently storing but not using.

  • Find 5 things to sell on Craigslist, eBay, Facebook, or at a re-sale/consignment store.   This is a fun way to motivate yourself to begin downsizing. 

It honestly is possible to organize without spending a cent.

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  1. I agree-you don't have to spend money to organize-especially when you declutter. I've had clients who are new to professional organizing and don't want to spend more than for my time and skills. I've never had to purchase a product to get them organized. There's always a way! Great post!


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