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Monday, January 21, 2013

We're organizing our living areas and play rooms! Challenge #4

I can't believe how many closets linked up last week! And our sponsors have pulled through and gotten us some great prizes to achieve! Today we're going to organize our living area and play rooms - you might call a family room, living room, or wherever your family hangs out to play the most. But, first:

The winners of last week's closet challenge ARE:

1st place: Tonya of Love of Family and Home with her closet turned office. She won a Closet Maid Closet!!

2nd: The Closet Under the Stairs by 23Thirty who won a Rack-It System for her closet.

3rd: HSMominmo of Apron Strings who won the Organizables.

Congratulations!!! We will be putting you in contact with each sponsor so that you can get that prize....AND, you qualify for the GRAND prize at the end of this month's challenges!!

Are you ready for the LAST challenge? The Family Room, Living Room, or Play Room - whatever you may call it - is usually a room we all hang out and watch TV, play games, mingle as a family, basically to be together. And, this room can easily become quite a mess if not kept organized!

Organize resolution

Here is what my family room looked like just before we moved in to our house six years ago! Uggh - wood paneling, dark and just not so pretty. But, I could easily look past that. I KNEW it had potential. So, when we bought our house I had plans in my head!

Here is what a LOT of paint can do to a room! I totally transformed it. It's now our favorite place to hang out as a family. 


The room had swimming pool tiles on the floor - small mosaic tiles - that were cold and not so attractive. My Hubby and my dad put floating engineered hardwood floors right over the top of them. 

Now the room is warm and beautiful. The couch? I got it from Costco several years back. 

I updated this little corner by covering an ugly light with wind chimes and placing a mirror behind it to give it glow. I even painted the entire ceiling white to help keep it light and bright in here. But, the best part of this room is how organized it is!

This is the kids homework station. It has a computer right out in the room so everyone can see what they are doing. It's organized and I have a slim adjustable table with barstools that scoot under it neatly. I have a beautiful gallery wall over it to make this room all about the family!

I had a game cupboard in the corner of the room for many years.

But, I recently turned it into a craft cupboard so my daughter can craft to her heart's content with her friends!

Under the TV we have cabinets that are built-in and I've organized all the gaming/Wii equipment in them using baskets that have cup hooks to hold them underneath. Whew! Did you get enough ideas yet for your living area? Now, it's your turn!

kitchen top organizing bloggers

  • Organize your living/family/play room - Even if it's just a few drawers or the surface!
  • Take pictures of your finished product {you can take before photos too, to wow us!} -- Anna has great photo tips HERE to help you take the prettiest pictures!
  • Post your picture on your blog OR {if you don't have a blog}, post them on a Pinterest Board
  • Come back to THIS post and link up your Pinterest Board using THIS POST to help you or link up your blog post.
  • On Friday we will open up the voting, and you can send your friends here and help to vote on their favorite kitchen area!
  • There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place!
  • Be sure to "like" all the Top Organizers and "follow" on Pinterest, too!
  • BEFORE you link up, please note: Use ONLY pictures that are from your home/space. Do NOT use pictures that are from other sources - those spaces will be removed from the link party. You may link up until Thursday at midnight and start voting on Friday and ends Sunday at noon {all PST}. If your blog is set for private use only, you MUST change your setting or you will be removed. 
You want to know what you'll be winning? They are GREAT prizes.

1st Place will win:

Prize - JOYS Collection $139 Value

Helping you find paper peace. Just Organize Your Stuff or JOYS is a collection of paper organizing techniques, philosophies, exercises and home filing system tools to help you create your personal home filing solution. A fresh twist on the old-fashioned filing techniques fit for your modern lifestyle. 

2nd Place will win:

Prize- $101 Sentsy gift pack. www.KendraA.Scentsy.us

Scentsy started in 2005 after two busy moms presented an idea for a safer and healthier alternative to traditional wick and fire candles. Scentsy wants to help you warm the heart, enliven the senses, and inspire the soul. Currently Scentsy offers wax bars in over 80 different fragrances and over 75 different warmers in three different sizes. Scentsy has a patented technology that uses a low watt light bulb to warm a wax with a low melting temperature. This ensures lower temperatures to avoid burns and no open flames to avoid fire risks. As well, there are no toxins being released into the air, thus a safer and healthier way to make your house smell wonderful! Scentsy also offers a lot more than just warmers and wax though! Scentsy also has room sprays, scent circles, travel tins, buddies & baby buddies for the little ones in your life, and scent paks. On top of that Scentsy also has a layers line that includes great products like shower gel and cream and bath tablets, body butter and body lotion, body spray and solid perfume, dryer disks and wash whiffs, and hand soaps and hand creams. Check out my website to learn more information and shop these great products!

3rd Place will win:

Thirty One Bags

It’s a new year! Time to celebrate organizing with Thirty One! Thirty One offers you a line of bags, totes, and organizational items that can be personalized to make them uniquely your own. Whether you are organizing your home, your car or yourself, Thirty One can offer you some great solutions. From large utility totes to hang up organizers to our new “Your Way” collection, Thirty One has something for everyone! Coordinating items means everything will have a place and will be easy to find! We can help with product suggestions, fabric choices and embroidery ideas. The possibilities are endless!

REMEMBER -- Anyone who enters each week and wins the top THREE spots will qualify to be entered into a HUGE Grand prize. The Grand Prize will be from Cricut, Oreck, and Office Depot!!!! So, get organizing and enter your pictures cause you might just win something HUGE!

Here is a button for you to get started -- if you have a blog and want to put it on yours, please feel free! Tell your family that you're getting organized this year! And "wow" them by actually tackling an area each week in your home!

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