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Friday, December 28, 2012

How to link up your post to Pinterest

Yesterday we announced that there is a BIG challenge for you to organize your room or area in your home! I'm going to teach you how to link Your Pinterest Board to a Link Party so that anyone can participate, as long as you use Pinterest. If you aren't on Pinterest - why not?

Even if you're not a blogger, YOU too can participate! I'm going to show you how to link up your photos for everyone to see and vote on for the party hosted by The Top Organizers!

I did all of this in less than a few's super easy and you have an opportunity to not only have an organized HOME but a chance to win a BIG prize!!! You ready? 

Step 1: {Kind of obvious} Go to

Step 2: Click on your name.

Step 3: Go to Add and Create a Board.

Step 4: Name your board. Make it something specific to the challenge each week, so make a new board each week for each area/room you plan to tackle.

Step 5: You will now have a blank board.

Step 6: Go to Add, again. Click on "Upload a Pin".

Step 7: Pick out your picture that you took {using Anna's instructions} and put it under the board you created for this challenge and PIN it!

Step 8: Continue adding pictures of your room/area until you are done with that room. You can add as many as you like -- it's your board and your home! Then, click on the name of the board {arrow points to it below}.

Step 9: Highlight the URL. Use your Command/Control "C" to copy the URL.

Step 10: Go to the link party that your host{s} are having -- link available on December 31st. Click on the blue linky button that says "Add Your Link" with the little froggy on it.

Step 11: Paste in the URL using Control/Command "V" on your keyboard. Put the name of yourself and/or the board you have on Pinterest {you can name it whatever you want}. Fill in your email so we can reply to you if you win a prize! Then, click on Next Step.

Step 12: Select or crop any of the pictures from your Pinterest board {there will be as many pictures as you have put in your board to choose from}. Choose the nicest one so that it will attract more people to choose looking at your board.

Step 13: You're done! It took me under three minutes to do all this. You can do it. Feel free to ask me any question you have if you are unable to link up! I'll be happy to answer!

Need help taking GOOD pictures for our link party of your space? Go HERE and Ask Anna will give you great tips!

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