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Friday, September 7, 2012

Organizing a Craft Cupboard {the big reveal}

Can I tell you how excited I am to share my organized craft cupboard with you? This has been one of the hardest things for me to organize - ever! Crafting is one of those things I dabble in, but my daughter LOVES it and I wanted a place for her and I to put all our stuff together and be able to craft together! It has already given us several opportunities to craft together and that's exactly why it's been worth the effort.

Organizing crafts

So, here is the craft cupboard in all her glory! OK, well not totally, but it's pretty neat. Remember last I showed you what this space used to look like? Crazy, right?

Organizing Crafts

Here is the "then and now" shot. Do you see the intercom system? Yeah, that's gone now - they had these intercom boxes in EVERY room of the house, but they put them in the oddest places - like right smack-dab in the middle of the wall! So, we took that out and I took the doors off years ago on the top and middle shelves. I don't think I even kept the doors, but I like it open like it is.

Organizing Crafts Cricut machine

When you open up the bottom doors, you see I've got all kinds of organizing containers! I met up with Amy, of 20 Minute Mom, last July {yes, I've been working on this THAT long} and we went to The Container Store and I bought these fabulous containers {which I will share more about next week} that are on the top shelf inside the cupboard. I've got my Cricut machine and my laminator in here too. I used the back of door to hang my Cricut mat and my craft mat. 

Hang ribbon and washi tape with dowel

Above the cupboard doors I have a bunch of organizing going on. I got a parts organizer, but it only came in black {and didn't look pretty}. So, I spray painted it white - with special spray paint made for plastic! There are gel pens and thread next to it, too. 

Hang washi tape and ribbon with dowel

Above the parts organizer is my way of organizing ribbon, washi tape, some butcher paper {in back} and vinyl on a roll. You may notice that they are hanging on wood dowels - more on that next week! 

Organizing Beads

And on top of the parts organizer are the beads! My daughter likes making jewelry. We tediously organized them by color - which I normally wouldn't recommend {cause it takes forever to sort} - but I think for something like this it works well.

Inspirational Craft Sign

I made this cute sign with leftover stuff and my Cricut to cut vinyl and make this fun inspiring craft sign. It adds a nice pop of color and motivates us to get crafty!

Organizing Crafts

Above that I bought two seagrass baskets from Ikea to add some texture while organizing. They hold lots of papers and vinyl. Above those baskets is an art set {Rachel's} and some miscellaneous things, along with a great scrapbook paper organizer that I use for organizing my 12 x 12 vinyl for my Cricut. 

Organizing Vinyl

Have I mentioned how much I like the vinyl, since it makes fabulous labels? I got my Cricut for my birthday this year and I have several friends with Cricut machines so we trade cartridges and enjoy it a lot! A little bigger investment if you like to organize with fancy labels {most of my friends use it for scrapbooking, but I don't really do that} but well worth it if you LOVE labeling in a pretty way!!

As you can see, my daughter jumped right in and started crafting! I'll go into more detail next week on what I put where and how I organized everything - lots of details! If you want to get crafty and organized, check out my Craft - Organizing and Ideas Pinterest Board! Are you a big crafter? Do you have things organized or is it a "work in progress"?

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