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Friday, August 24, 2012

The evolution of a craft cupboard {Before and Midway}

This will not be a fun "look at how pretty it is" kind of a post! It's going to show you the evolving "craft cupboard" that I've been working on. This is the before, not the after.

First, I'm showing you the WAY before. This picture is from right before we moved into our house, in 2006. This family room has come a LONG way in six years. The wood paneling, the swimming pool tile floor, the curtains, the windows - all are completely changed! Of course, the furniture also since this was the former owner's furnishings. And who puts a cabinet knob in the middle of a cabinet? Do you know how hard it is to open it like that?

You can see I painted the paneling a light blue and then my Hubby and Daddy put in hard wood floors {they float over the existing swimming pool tile} - and I painted the entire ceiling white! What a HUGE difference those things made in this room! You can see in the corner where the future craft cupboard will be. {The couch is from Costco, since many of you have asked}.

In 2010 we knocked down our kitchen wall and I had an extra table. So, I moved it into the corner back there and made it a game cupboard and table to play games at.

Here you can see that I painted all the cabinets in the family room white and put in new hardware {covering up those holes in the middle of the doors, too, where the knobs used to be}. The top of this built-in cupboard has all our family photo albums and yearbooks. I haven't been too fond of how it looked. Just looks cluttered to me!

Since the kids are playing less and less games and my daughter and I have been crafting more and more, I decided we needed a place to put all the craft supplies. I must admit that this is has been one of the hardest places for me to organize. I'm nearing completion on this thing, but this is what it looked like for weeks! It's rather sad, but I didn't want to rush to put everything back until I was sure how I wanted to organize it all - if you are Instagram you have seen me show bits and pieces of how I've been working on it. So, I hope to have it finished in a couple of weeks to show you the complete and organized craft cupboard! Whew! I've got a lot of labeling to do and I want to make it creative and fun, too! So, it will take me some time to get that accomplished. If you'd like to see more ideas that I've been using to organize this craft cupboard, go to my Craft Cupboard Pinterest Board.

Do you have a certain area of your house that has stumped you organizing wise? What area and what have you done? If you're still stumped, email me a picture and I might select you for OMF to the rescue to give you ideas of how to organize that area. I'm always looking for a challenge!

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