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Monday, August 27, 2012

OMF to the Rescue: Master closet organizing dilemma!

Can you believe it's been over two months since I last did an OMF to the Rescue? I've been a slacker at this, so hopefully it will get some of you motivated - and I'll try to get another OMF to the Rescue to you soon! Woohoo!  Here is the master closet dilemma.

I got an email from Deanna who said this:

I am attaching a couple photos of our master closet as well as a little sketch of the dimensions of it.  It was difficult to get pictures due to the size of the closet (and the lighting is bad, etc).  Photo 2 is standing in the doorway and looking straight ahead.  Photo 1 is the rest of the closet to the left, if that makes sense.  I swear my husband's clothes are in there too...I would greatly appreciate any ideas you have for us!

As you can see, they have very little room between the two rows of hangers. I think Deanna has done a great job of doing what she could with her space. I have a few ideas, like taking out one side of her hanging space and converting it over to the other side {where the shoes on the wall currently are}. 

This is a great expandable organizer that could go on that wall. This would hold a bunch and expands up to 8 feet - and is reasonably priced. 

She could even add another to that small back wall, like this one above.

Then, the wall across she could put a cube shelving system....

...with these cute cubes that come in all sorts of colors! They could hold socks, pajamas, shirts, and whatever else is left to organize. I based all of these ideas off of what Deanna told me would be her possible budget. So, with just a few hundred dollars, she could make-over her closet with these closet organizers. If you wanted to spend more, you could get a custom-designed closet organizing system, like mine. I saved up for it and then waited for it to go on sale. Making pretty is a matter of your own style - adding wallpaper or painting the walls, putting a pretty chandelier or light to make it pretty. Coordinating the bins to go with the pretty colors, adding a small chair to sit and putting shoes on, even putting shoes in clear boxes if you like that!

Do you have any other ideas for Deanna's master closet?

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