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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Stolen and unhappy

Well, it has been brought to my attention by many, many bloggers that many of us are victims of stolen and scraped content from our blogs. I thought I had set up enough things to keep my content from being taken, but apparently I have not! You can see HERE, HERE, and HERE about what other bloggers are now having to do, which is truncating the RSS feed. 

Truncating means you will see the post, but only part of it. It will force you to have to click over to my blog to see the full thing. Why is that bad? Well, if you like having a full page and/or email you will be forced to click over and see it. Why is it good? Well, someone has been taking my email/feeds and copying them almost word for word and using on their own site and this will stop them!

How sad is that? I am not a happy camper! So, please understand why you will begin seeing this set up this way {if I can figure out how to do it correctly!}. If it bothers you, I'm so sorry! I am not trying to make it hard on you, but I work REALLY hard to put out a ton of content that will motivate and inspire you and it makes me very sad that someone swoops in and grabs it as their own. I will not be the only blogger who is doing this, so be prepared as more and more start doing it. You'll also see that I put a "do not copy" at the bottom of each post. Hopefully, now I am putting all the extra things in place to keep it from being taken. If you ever find my content somewhere else, please let me know. It's not easy catching what they do, but I used a couple of websites to help me figure out what was happening:

THIS article was most helpful.

THIS is where I found my content was being copied.

Thank you to my fantastic, loyal, and amazing readers! I appreciate you all so much and know that YOU are why I blog. I LOVE to share the fun of organizing with you all so much! More good stuff is coming tomorrow...

OH, and on a HAPPY note - I'm over at Home Your Way talking about "Organizing School Papers" - go over and see what I came up with!

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