Tuesday, October 25, 2011

31 Days to {cheaply} Organize Your Home: Day #25 - Coffee Can

Welcome to Day #25 of our 31 Days to {cheaply} organize your home. 

So, are you tired of all this organizing for cheap yet?  I'm NOT!  It's fantastic! It's amazing all the ways you can organize things for so little money! Today we're talking coffee cans! They come in a few sizes, so all of them make great ways of organizing. 

This one I used in my paint cupboard to organize the foam brushes, but covering one in pretty paper would be a great way to incorporate it into your room to sit out in the open.


I have one under my sink, similar to the one above, and it holds the baggies I get from all kinds of packaging and the kids use them to pick up the doggie "doo."


My dad uses coffee cans to hold all his nails and screws for organizing at his work bench. Do you have any other ideas?


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