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Friday, May 13, 2011

My new outdoor buffet table

I am very excited to show you my latest project!  It's my outdoor, rolling buffet table!  It's cheap and easy - you could make one of these, too!

I started with my son's old dresser.  Once we put his new closet system in, I didn't want to get rid of the dresser.  

It is narrow and not huge so I decided I could use it outside with a little creativity.   

There was a couple of ridges on top that I wanted to fill in...because I had a plan once I painted it!

I primed and then painted it black - with leftover paint I already had on hand from my buffet from the kitchen and back entry dresser {and all the primer I have from the ceilings}. It's a bit dinged up - to be expected from being in my son's room for seven years - but it's got more character, right?  I also put THREE coats of clear polyacrylic paint on top to protect it from the weather and any other misfortunes.

The handle-area was difficult to paint with a brush so I used some black spray paint I had leftover and it was much easier.
My hubby flipped over the dresser and put some OSB he had leftover and we bought some caster wheels so we could move it around...which is quite useful to move it for parties or out of the weather.

So the reason I had to use wood filler on the top was that I had this great idea...I saw this cool letter "B" from a Christmas card and thought it would look nice monogrammed somewhere.  So, I asked my favorite decal designer if he could make something similar to this and gave him colors and measurements.

I decided it would go on the top of the outdoor buffet.  It turned out beautifully! For more on how to do a decal, go here. He also included instructions with it, too.

The last thing we decided to do was to purchase some handles for each side of the buffet.  It will make moving it much easier.  Here are the beauty shots of it in day and evening:

And at night:

If you know us know this will not only help to organize more stuff for outdoor parties, but we will use it for all our get-togethers!  What do you think?