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Friday, January 21, 2011

My boy's closet...close up and organized!

 So, last Friday I left you with my son's new closet system in his newly designed is a little re-cap!

Closet system installed!

My sweet boy enjoying his new closet!
So, I'm going to show you a few things we did in his closet to organize it {even more} so that he can easily keep it up on his own.

Folded shirts so he can reach in a grab what he wants.

You can see I made magnetic labels - to stick onto the drawers.  Also, remember how I showed you how to fold shirts to fit more in and also to prevent {especially kids} from making it a mess to get to the one they want?

Enough drawers for his Legos, Knex, and other boys things along with a display shelf
My son asked me for lighting in his I had in mine.  I said "No way" since I thought we'd have to deal with putting in recessed lighting and electrical.  Well, look what we found at Costco {mine were $20 for three - but I found some similar but in a six pack here}.  Isn't that cool?

Battery operated LED lights that just velcro or screw up!

Now that the closet is in place and the doors are off, my son is loving his new room makeover - it's not a big makeover, but just an update.  Remember how I made over the desk that was in our entry?  I painted it to match his bedding.  During our Christmas "break" {which my family didn't get much of a break from projects}, we were able to paint my son's room gray {keeping his red wall, but touching it up a bit}, and then put up a new decal. 

Remember the decal from the kitchen?  Well, I loved it so much that I had another made for my son's room.  I also got it on Etsy at Stephen Edward Graphic store.  Adam loves it!  He is really into maps and so we made it so it would grow with him a bit.  Then, I took his old picture frames we bought from Ikea and repainted them black and found some stock photos of maps from California {since that's where we live} and put them inside.  They are just printed on regular paper off the printer.

Notice the map of Los Angeles!
That's it!  He's doing a great job keeping organized.  He'll be 12 this year and I have seen that teaching him and working {sometimes patiently, sometimes not} with him on organizing is really paying off.  I rarely have to remind him to put toys away.  If I ask him to tidy up, he knows just how to do it and it really looks good!  

His desk I painted a few months ago!

What do you think?  Isn't it fun and so organized!  I'm super excited...of course, cause I LOVE to organize and make it fun!!

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