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Friday, March 4, 2016

How to Label ANYTHING

So, you finally get that one spot super organized in your house and you want to keep it that way! So, what's the best plan? Perhaps you should LABEL! Yes! That's one of my favorite ways to keep things organized. Labeling is essential in a home with more than one person - and, let's be honest, I'd need it even if I lived alone because I'd forget where to put it! I've come up with a list of ideas for labeling just about everything and how to make those labels, too! 

How to Label ANYTHING ::

Labeled Jars ::
Source: Organizing Made Fun

Label Jars

Jars are an easy thing to label. You can use chalkboard labels, a sticker, a die cut label {like Cricut or Silhouette} or a marker! You can label jars! Here, above, are my jars in my pantry labeled with chalkboard labels

Labeling baskets ::

Label Baskets

In my linen closet, I have large and small baskets that I have labels on. I use wood chalkboard labels with chalk ink to mark them. It's simple. 

Labeling baskets ::

OR, you can use a paper punch {laminated} with a hole through it to put some string through and hang on the basket, like I've done in my craft cupboard

Labeling Files ::
Source: A Bowl Full of Lemons

Label Files

I'll admit, filing is my least favorite organizing task! There, I said it! But take a look at my friend Toni's files. Using a label maker {everyone should have even a small one} to help label file folders. 

Labeling Make Up ::

Label make up

I'm a big believer in "dating" things when you open them, for many reason. But, make up is one of those items that I always label the date with using THESE labels and THESE too. I know how old it is and can guess how long I can go before I need to get more. 

Labeling containers ::

Label Containers

Using a similar way to labeling jars, labeling containers is just as easy! I like stickers you can print up, chalkboard labels {my absolute favorite}, or using chalk ink markers directly on the container {so long as it's non-porous} works great too! Here in my pantry, I have a baking tray that you pull out and use. The tray I used simple printed up paper with tape over it!

Labeling Shoes ::

Label Shoes

These labels are perfect for labeling inside of shoes for when your kids go to camp, school, or even on vacation. I found them HERE if you are looking for water proof clothing labels. 

Stick N Wear Clothing Labels ::

Label Clothes

Using a write-on clothing label, you can label any of your clothes just like the shoes. It makes it easy to keep track of clothing that could get lost!

Labeling plants with rocks ::
Source: August Wren

Label Plants

Yep, plants! You can label your plants if you're gardening and need to remember which is which! I love these ideas - super easy! Use paint sticks painted in different colors and marked for each plant.

Labeling plants with paint sticks ::
Source: Seed Time

Or, you can use smooth rocks and paint the names on each one. I love that idea, don't you?

Labeling Bottles ::

Label Bottles

Container, bottles, and jars are all easy to use similar ways to label them. Chalkboard labels, stickers, and markers!

Labeling Cords ::

Label Cords

I use a label maker to organize the cords. You could also use washi tape or even bread clips you get off the bread bags.

Labeling in the Fridge ::

Label the Fridge

Of course I label my fridge! Everyone knows where everything goes! I used my die cut machine to cut out the names of everything. 

So, that should cover almost everything, right? Well, now I'm going to give you some of the basic tools you'll want to help you keep things labeled. 


Labels with your printer

These are simple and easy to use with your printer. You just pick out the size you like and set them up to print per the instructions. They are more permanent so if you change your mind and rearrange things, that's out. But, great for stuff that doesn't change.

Labels with your die cut machine

I like using mine to make labels that are really big and amazing - if you're into the decor part of labeling this is a great addition. They are pretty permanent and take some practice to get the hang of them and not the cheapest route but something to attain to someday!

Labels with your label maker

I have two label makers and have had many others that I've given to friends when I've been given some. My favorites include Brother P-touch {the large one I currently have}, the Dymo label maker which is currently on sale for only $9.99 on Amazon. I've had those two brands of label makers and have not been disappointed. You can purchase a label maker for as little as $10 {like above} or you can spend more on one that has more options. 

Labels that are chalkboard

I love chalkboard labels. I use both the sticker and the wood ones when I label. They are so versatile and are my most favorite labels to use. 

Labels with Chalk Ink

My favorite chalk marker is the Chalk Ink Marker. Honestly, it's SO much better than any other marker I have used. It doesn't blog and wipes away clean. As long as you have a non-porous surface, you can use it on anything! 

Labels with Sharpies

I use Sharpies in the thin and thick  to help label things. They are essential in every color, too!

Labels with laminator

As you saw above, I've made my own labels with my paper punch and laminate them. You can even use a 3 x 5 card and laminate over and use dry erase marker to change out names of label. 

Paper punch

These are great to use with cardstock or heavy paper and then I laminate them to help them last a long time. 

Labels for clothes

I like having these to label the kids clothing or shoes for school, going to camp, or just keep from getting lost! 

I've included these links, below, to help you find the right label tool for your budget and need!

Are you a label lover? Where is your favorite area that you've labeled?

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  1. Thanks for this post! I love labels, and you've got some wonderful ideas! May I ask an additional question? I have these fabric storage cubes from Ikea. I've been searching high and low for a way to label these puppies: Any ideas?


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