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Friday, September 21, 2012

Organizing Craft Supplies: My craft cupboard!

My Craft Cupboard has been a labor of love! Yes, I use it, but my daughter is so happy to have all the craft supplies easy to get to and easy to put away.

Remember, I showed you the whole thing a couple of weeks ago? Well, I want to give you an up close view of all the organizing that's happening. 

I'll start in the bottom of my cupboard with these Smart Store containers that I found at The Container Store. Before I began searching for my containers, I had my stuff everywhere trying to figure out what exactly I needed to store and how to store it. I also wanted to add to our cupboard to make it functional and fun with all kinds of crafting tools and things. I measured out my cupboard - because it is an odd size. I had gotten an advertisement from The Container Store showing a bunch of their organizing stuff on sale along with these containers. I saw the sizes and measured everything.

When I got to the store, I could see they were going to fit perfectly with my idea. It's one larger container, and then you can put whatever sized containers INSIDE this one container. 

Each container comes out and is labeled so everything is easy to put away. And, truly, my daughter and her friends use the cupboard and love it - and they really DO put everything away where it belongs. I've been really happy about that, as I was trying to make it that way.

So, my other container is similar, but it's smaller/shorter. My "craft fun" labeled container just has all kinds of odds and ends in it. 

My Cricut has it's container to hold the few items that I've begun to accumulate, with the ability to add more. The top of it has this tray that pulls out and I have a few things that aren't necessarily Cricut {sorry, but they didn't fit anywhere else}. 

Underneath the pull out tray is where I put my main Cricut supplies - I know it's very little, but I mostly use it for labeling and not scrapbooking. But, I make a lot of great labels so I'm hoping to get more "font" cartridges that I like.

Above the bottom cupboard is open storage. I have a parts organizer that I got HERE. It only came in black so I spray painted it white. It is perfect for organizing stamps and stamp pad and some punches that I have. 

Behind the parts organizer is a small paper trimmer that I have stuck to the wall with the Command velcro strips {so they are hidden}. The hole in the wall is from the past intercom system that I talked about in my last post.

To the side of the parts' organizer are mason jars filled with gel pens.

I also used an old nut container {that's why there is a "used by" date} to hold string and thread for various projects.

Above that is what I came up with to hold all kinds of ribbons, washi tape, butcher paper, vinyl rolls by using wooden dowels {painted white}.

We used closet rod holders to hold the dowels and be able to take them off and put them on.

The beads were a lot of work - but I decided to sort them in a parts organizer that I sat down and sorted in front of the TV one afternoon. It makes it easier for making jewelry to have it sorted by color and type. 

Above that part of the cupboard is my seagrass baskets from Ikea that hold specialty scrapbook paper and vinyl rolls. I like the baskets because they add a lot of texture to the cupboard area and give it personality. 

I will say that they aren't perfect - having them up high and the way they are constructed makes it awkward to get them down without the bottom of the basket coming out. Fortunately, I don't get in them all the time so it's not horrible problem for me, but may bug someone else. 

My existing Ikea chairs got a little facelift with a cheery matching pillow. We sit in these at the table in the corner and do our crafts. 

So you see, this area was a challenge for me. It spent weeks just a mess, with everything out on the table. I wanted to get a good idea what stuff I really needed, so I measured, took my time, and worked a little at a time. Organizing isn't about rushing to get it done. If we do that, it probably won't function how it should or it will go back to the way things were. By labeling, sorting, measuring, and making sure I get the right tools for the job, it now functions like I had planned! Do you have a great way you organize your craft supplies?

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