Getting ready for camp! A Label-Land giveaway! | Organizing Made Fun: Getting ready for camp! A Label-Land giveaway!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Getting ready for camp! A Label-Land giveaway!

Last month I was introduced to Label-Land - and they have a wonderful array of special labels for your clothing, bags, and other items for kids or for you!

They sent my son a special camp/school pack of labels. I love these! Not joking. He went to camp this week and it was wonderful to be able to label everything that went! We put these neat shoe labels inside the soles of his shoes - they have a clear cover over the sticker to keep them from falling off! No more shoes getting lost...

And then we used the Stick N Wear labels for most of his clothes and even his sleeping bag. You just stick the label right onto the tag and it's fine. It can go through the wash and everything!

He put them all on himself, too! We're hoping nothing gets lost this way!

They sent iron-on labels, but we didn't put those on this time -- I plan to use those for his P.E. clothes and other school things soon! But, he also got these bag tags that he used for his duffle bag and back pack. Last, he got some waterproof labels, big and small, that he used for the rest of his stuff.

So,'s your chance to win a camp pack! This is such a great way to keep track of your kids' things at summer camp, day camp, or school. You could even use these for older loved ones in healthcare facilities to keep track of their clothing and belongings.

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