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Monday, December 9, 2013

25 Gift Ideas that won't cause clutter!

This year, instead of having someone give you another gift that just takes up clutter in your home {or giving a clutter gift}, why not give a gift that won't clutter up your home? With the help of my Facebook readers, we've come up with 25 gift ideas that won't clutter up your home!

1. A Professional Organizer to come and help get you started in organizing an area {or two} of your home.
2. Massage or facial - either a gift card somewhere or one from your spouse 
3. A beauty treatment - a gift card or one from you to a friend {if you are talented that way}
4. Meal of the Month club
5. Flower of the month club
6. Few hours of time for someone who needs help
7. Movie Tickets
8. Museum or Zoo membership
9. Donate a heifer in a family's name.
10. Donate to a charity that is special to you.
11. Gift card for dinner out.
12. Food - cookies, dinner, or any or special food item.
13. Coffee house gift card
14. Lottery tickets
15. Rose bush or pretty plant
16. Gym membership or some work out classes
17. Kindle or Itune Gift Card
18. A special day together
19. Concert Tickets
20. Special book of coupons for hugs, kisses, doing dishes, special things around the house for you
21. Yard care or snow shoveling {great for a neighbor or elderly friend}
22. A label maker to get organized!
23. Special treat for a pet that you {they} love
24. House cleaner once or twice
25. Any kind of experience that doesn't have "stuff" that accompanies it. Sky diving, flying lessons, helicopter ride, miniature golf, day of golf, etc.

This is just a 25 - there are plenty more great ideas! Do you have a gift idea that doesn't cause clutter? Please share in the comments!

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