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Friday, December 6, 2013

My experiment with "no poo" hair!

While I was urging all of you to join my Spontaneous Organizing for the month of October, I was doing something sort of spontaneous myself. If you follow me on Instagram, you got to watch first hand what I was doing.

You see, I decided that I was tired of having to shampoo everyday. If I skipped a day my hair would feel yuck. I started doing some "Pinterest research" and found out that shampoo has detergent in it and strips our hair of it's natural oil, thereby causing it to over produce more and more oil. This has caused my hair to feel oily and greasy only a day after shampooing it. Once you stop shampooing your hair, it actually can be soft, smooth, manageable, and even nicer curls {if you have naturally curly hair, which I don't}. 

On IG I wrote: "Taking on a challenge of my own this month. I'm either crazy or genius."

I also read that by washing it with baking soda could "wash it" without stripping it and condition it with apple cider vinegar {acv} - there is a ton of info {go HERE} about no "poo" method on Pinterest.

On IG I wrote: "For those wondering how my shampoo-lessness is going. Here is a picture five days in of my hair. Washed it with baking soda. It isn't nasty greasy. Normally I would be super greasy the second day I didn't shampoo but it's fine. It's not silky yet. Just feels like I have hairspray on it or product which I don't ever use either so it takes a little getting used to. Styling it was easy and it looks good. My scalp feels WAY better. No build up I've been dealing with for years. So far I'm satisfied with results."

So, I started out fairly well - it was still rather oily, but manageable. Above, I posted a picture after five days. I used the tablespoon of baking soda with warm water in the squeeze bottles. I scrubbed it like I normally would with shampoo. I used ACV to condition it - with a little squirt of it. I didn't seem to need much.

On IG I wrote: "I'm in Day 10 of #noshampoo and it's a bit rough at this point. It's not greasy but if just feels yuck -- like day old hairspray. I haven't even told my hubby or kids that I haven't shampooed it so I doubt they notice. And yes, that little bit of highlight you see is my crown of glory."

By day ten, I was still having a lot more oil than I expected and so I would pin it back. It would feel nice for a little bit and it styled pretty good. I heard it was a good 4 weeks you had to go through, so I was willing to keep going. 

On IG I wrote: For those who care. Day 13 without shampoo. Yuck. I'm so hopeful this will get better soon as i have a business trip on Wednesday. But I pulled it back in a desperate attempt at it feeling better."

I didn't "wash" it with the baking soda everyday, so on those days I would pull it back because it felt less appealing on those days. 

On IG I wrote: "Hair update. It's been over two weeks with #noshampoo and it's slightly better today. It looks nice styled, honestly. Just don't touch it!"

What I did like was that when I styled my hair, it would stay. My hair is thick but fine and so when I style it it won't stay that way - I don't even own any hairspray - so it would feel like I had a LOT of hairspray in it all the time. I guess that's good, but that bothered me because I never use any product in my hair.

I must confess that smack-dab in the middle of my experiment, I had a trip to Chicago for Ace Blogging panel and so I washed it with a tiny bit of shampoo just so it didn't look so greasy and awful when I met these new-to-me bloggers and the members of Ace Hardware at their headquarters. 

On IG I wrote: "Hair confession and update. It's been three weeks since I started the "no shampoo" kick. Last week I washed it because I went to Chicago to meet people I didn't know and it felt horrible. But I have been washing with baking soda ever since. It feels much better. I think my hair is producing much less oil and is actually easier to style."

Here is where I stood over three weeks into it. 

On IG I wrote: " OK. I threw in the towel with the "no poo", wash with baking soda, and acv. It's been a whole month and continues to feel awful for me and I can't stand it anymore. On a good note, it hadn't felt this nice after washing it in years. So I'm sure it did some good for my hair. I may try to space out several days between using shampoo. But today it feels fabulous!

Then, suddenly, I was done with it. One month of this and I just wasn't getting it to feel like anything but day old hairspray. I tried all kinds of adjustments with the baking soda and ACV with no luck. Some of the comments told me it could take at least THREE months up to TWELVE. Sorry, but I don't have that endurance for this one! What I have done is I shampoo with a paraben-organic free shampoo less often. I have my "shampoo days" each week. A professional friend of mine - a hair stylist - said "If you are doing no poo for budgeting, great. It is the cheapest best for your hair option...drug store junk is a waste of money. If you're doing it for less chemicals, find a shampoo with no parabens or sulfates. Having done the no poo you should be able to go many days in between. Keep the condition off the scalp since that attracts other dirt. Most no poo clients of mine have dandruff or some sort of scalp flaking {could be build up of baking soda -- YES, this was me} or itching...I have found very few exception to that." Well, that was the experiment - that's what I did. Nothing monumental to report. Glad I tried it, but don't plan to do it again for awhile or ever. I learned a lot. Have you ever tried "no poo"?

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