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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Southern California Outdoor Christmas Party

There is something wonderful about living in Southern California - don't get me wrong, I look fondly at your cold, snowy weather this time of year and think it would be marvelous to enjoy that. But, I'm a native Californian {grew up in Northern California Bay Area} and have a grown to love our weather and advantages. If you've never seen our deck and outdoor kitchen that my husband built go HERE to see more - this is where we had our party.

Every year we have several Christmas parties at our home. We love to host them. One of the most special ones is the party we throw for my Hubby's staff. He's their boss and it's his way of showing them how much he appreciates all their hard work. In order to make it easy, we do it potluck style, but that was THEIR idea. We provide all the meat - he makes tri-tip, BBQ chicken, and sausage - and the wine and a couple of sides. 

I love to have everyone sit at one big, long table. We thought we'd have to go indoors this year as it was raining that day - but it stopped at 1 PM, so we go to work wiping off the rain and setting up - actually my hubby set everything up how he wanted it. 

I set up the decor with lots simple decor and plates. I have thrift store white plates and mismatched {free to me} silverware. 

I purchased three, cute cake stands {one large and two smaller} and actually took the ribbon out of them because it was not Christmassy. I have faux candles that I placed on each along with some Christmas pine cones and other pretty elements on each.

They turned out darling and were super easy. If you were following me on Instagram {organizingmadefun} you might remember me saying how frustrated I was about finding a centerpiece. I had a specific one in mind like THIS ONE on Pinterest. 

I got these cute little chalkboard signs on Groopdealz {go HERE to see the site} and love them for parties. I had them all over. 

His staff had a wonderful time and lots of yummy food - and you can see even though it was in the 40s, everyone had their coats off because we kept the deck so warm with heaters!

Have you had a Christmas party at your home? Anyone else have an outdoor Christmas party?

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