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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Outdoor cart for entertaining!

Again, I'm teaming up with Office Depot to bring you another fun way to use their products in a unique way...and you KNOW I love to do this!

We have many outdoor events on our beautiful deck! I wanted to find a good serving cart that would move around to wherever we needed it to when we had everyone over to serve up goodies. Well, I went online to Office Depot and found a basic utility cart - you know, the kind for sticking those overhead projectors on? They had this one - it comes in several colors - and I LOVED the red, of course, because it goes with all my patio accents of red. 

Whenever I have a different types of goodies, now I can put them on here and move them around wherever necessary. Take for instance, a popcorn night! We have had lots of kids here and used our projector onto our garage door for a movie night - and this works perfectly for that. Isn't it cute?

Plus, it has three shelves and an outlet with an extension cord, so if we need to plug in a coffee maker, we can do that too, for a more casual evening. 

I love the idea of using it for a wine and coffee bar, too. 

Yes, it's plastic - durable plastic - but that's what I like because it can handle the smoggy/hot weather and stay fairly clean easily. 

Because it has a plug in the back, I prefer to keep it under a covered area of the patio when I'm not using it. 

What do you think? Isn't it great?

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