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Friday, June 14, 2013

Laundry Room Loveliness and giveaway from HangerJack!

Is there a place in your home that you could use a nice place to hang up something? This is my friend, Tiffany's, laundry room - it's so cute how she organized it!

She is a supreme ironing machine. Me? Not so much! But this doesn't really have anything to do with me!

There is a bit of a problem in their laundry room area when she hangs up the shirts once she's ironed them or they are in need right after doing a load of laundry. She was using a shower curtain rod that would fall down and was a mess. 

Well I had her try out the Hanger Jack to help keep her clothes organized right out of the wash or when ready to iron.

You can see it comes open really nicely to hold a lot of weight on it - up to 65 pounds.

And, if you are done using it, you can fold it down flat - isn't that the neatest feature? I love that! I know it's hard to see the color, but my friend lives in a rental and so every wall is white - but it's clean and fresh!

She even spruced up her laundry room after her hubby installed the Hanger Jack and now doesn't have to deal with all the falling clothes anymore - and those Ikea bins are super cute.

She even labeled them - which I LOVE of course - with these little tags to keep her laundry sorted and organized. She said it's way better than having it all over the floor!

Here's a great before and after! Isn't this small change making a huge impact? You can hang in your garage, on the back of a door, or anywhere around your house that you need an extra hanging space for all kinds of things! Go HERE to see more ideas. 

Now, guess what? YOU get a chance to win a Hanger Jack for your home!

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{I was contacted by HangerJack to review this product. 
I was paid compensation for this review}

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