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Friday, March 1, 2013

Why Mom needs to take care of herself

I don't usually get too in depth as to my personal life on a day to day basis on here, but these past two weeks have been C-R-A-Z-Y around here! Seriously, I can't remember a time, since I've been married and had kids, that so much illness has ensued on our home! My son missed an entire week of school from bronchial-asthma problems and serious coughing. My Hubby was sicker than I've seen him ever - I think the flu, but urgent care doctor said sinus and ear infections. My daughter was just diagnosed last night with strep throat! Aaack! 

Amazingly, I have stayed well {for now} and full of energy and patient. THAT alone is amazing to me, that I've been so patient and energetic for the two weeks of illness {which continues} we've had. I'm not normally that way. I think God has been gracious to give me energy and patience, but I also feel that He has brought to my attention that I needed to take better care of myself this year, as last year I was not so well. 

I want to share with you why I feel VERY strongly that as wives and mothers we must do our best to take good care of ourselves. I have not always been good at taking good care of myself. After two ridiculously awful pregnancies where I gained 70 pounds the first and 80 pounds the second, I was in poor shape. I was not well and just didn't ever feel that I had energy. So, here are ways that I have been doing,  gradually through the years,  that have made a huge significance in my health. I am in no way saying that these are a "magic way" of feeling better or that what works for me will work for you. I know that many of you have health issues, as I have many of my own friends in this situation.

1. Weight-loss 

So I weighed 100 pounds more than I do now at the birth of my daughter - yes, I was HUGE! Friends tell me that they felt terrible for me and that if anyone should have an excuse not to have more kids, I'm the one! Severe swelling, extreme weight gain, toxemia...c-sections. Yes, no fun. But, about five years ago I decided it was time to get on it and lose weight! I have successfully kept off all but five pounds {I swear it's the being "40" thing having that extra 5 pounds!} for this long. Go HERE to read all about my whole story.

2. Exercise

Even though I lost the weight years ago, I continue to exercise - fairly regularly. My goal is to walk 4-5 days each week - about 4 to 5 miles. Does that always happen? NO - but I always pick it back up even if I miss a few days and start again. I ALWAYS feel better after I've done it. I HATE getting up at 5:30 every morning to do it, though. But, I do it anyway!

3. Eating right 

In the past six months we've converted, as much as possible, to all organic eating. We're not at 100% but at least 75% of what we're eating is organic. I mentioned that HERE as to why, but I believe that cutting out many of the processed foods and eating organic fruits and veggies has made a difference in my health and my family's. 

4. Supplements and vitamins

If you've followed me on Instagram, you've seen my journey as I have showed you ALL my supplements I take daily - it's a lot. It's under the care of my chiropractor who does holistic, nutritional feedback {using blood and hair analysis}. It includes all kinds of stuff - which I won't tell you all that I take mostly because I can't remember all the names of things - but we can never get all the nutrients we need from fruits and vegetables so taking vitamins and supplements are a great way to get that. And, for me, I feel GREAT. I have organized all my pills and I've done a much better job at taking them everyday. 

5. Healthy, natural ways

Sometimes the best way to do things is how they did it  back before we had much of our modern medicine. Using natural ways to keep ourselves healthy - onions, garlic, raw honey, essential oils etc. It doesn't mean I don't use medicine, but I've tried to use as many of the natural ways of healing first, and often find that they work better and I feel much better not being medicated. 

6. Sleeping right

Everyone is different in terms of how much sleep you may need, but one thing is true: you need consistent, quality sleep. Without it, we are not happy or energetic. I require about 6 1/2 - 7 hours of sleep per night in order for me to function well. My husband requires more, but he's a morning person. There are all kinds of reasons not to sleep well, but do whatever you can to make sure you are rested. 

7. Chiropractic

I had been having a lot of pain in my neck and back, as well as a lot of headaches - mostly from blogging from my couch {instead of sitting at my desk in my office}!! So, I began seeing our chiropractor on a regular basis {a lot to start with and now about once a month} and feel great! I haven't had any of the pain in awhile. He has also been the one who has done the science based nutrition with me. I would like to get massages on a regular basis...but, for now, I get them occasionally {usually my Hubby gives me gift cards for birthday or Christmas}. That would probably also help me feel better...but, I'm pretty happy with all of the above. 

You all had some amazing comments for me when I talked about how I can't do it all the other day and I want to say THANK YOU. I was expecting some serious criticism, and was blessed and blown away by all the sweet and kind things you had to say. I hope to continue encouraging you to organize, but today just wanted to remind you to take good care of yourself because you need to take care of so many. We have a lot of people counting on us don't we?

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