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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Organized Resolutions: Eating healthy and organizing

The New Year always makes me feel like having fresh, new goals to set for the following year. But, these past few months I actually started earlier than the new year and wanted to share with you some goals {or resolutions} that are helping me stay organized and eating healthy.

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Today, I'm going to talk health! I'm not the ultimate picture of health, but I've been trying to be especially careful of what I eat and that I exercise regularly ever since having my weight-loss four years ago. I've recently discovered that being healthy isn't just about counting calories.

I've been looking beyond the calories and looking at what is IN my food. I don't claim to be an expert or to have any more than just what I've learned to share with you. But, do you know what's in our food? Do you know what a GMO is? How about the difference between natural and organic? Why do organic foods cost so much more than other food? If you don't, I would challenge you to begin looking at that. 

If you've been following me on Pinterest, you may have seen many of the posts I've been pinning on organic, GMOs, essential oils, and natural remedies. It's amazing to me that God created so many wonderful, natural ways for our bodies to heal and I've been blown away by what you can do. I have a Pinterest board all about health you can look at to read more.


Also, if you are really interested in knowing what's in your food here are some documentaries I recommend {I know there's a ton more, but this will get you started}:

If you do nothing else because of money or lack of desire, consider at least changing the produce you eat. I started this way. Buying local, organic produce that is on the dirty dozen list.

Source: Life Your Way

Here is a printable available HERE for you to take to your grocery store. Perhaps because I want to find an answer, but I just wonder why there are so many children with autism {like my son}, gluten-intolerances, and auto-immune diseases that have just grown out of control over the last 10+ years--since GMOs were introduced into our food system? Is it our food? I don't know, but I want to do everything I can to contribute to the health of my family.

OK! So what does THIS have to do with organizing? Well, I'm getting to that! I've been going through my kitchen pantry and now have all of my vitamins and supplements to keep up with. Ever since I had my chiropractor {who does science based nutrition and approaches to better living} do a nutrition analysis for me, I realized that my "health" wasn't as good as I thought. So, I'm now on many supplements and vitamins each day. I feel GREAT! I haven't felt so good for a long time - between the supplements and the chiropractic care, I've gotten rid of almost all my headaches and neck problems and my "insides" are doing better than ever! Do you know how bad blogging is for your health? My poor neck!

So, of course, I had to organize my pills. I bought a pill organizer so I can take the pills that I need to multiple times a day. I also do something else to help make it easier. I label the outside of the pill bottle with how many per day I need to take along with the date they were opened. This way when I'm filling them I can do it quickly and I also know how long a bottle of pills will last me and when I should re-order. I can fill up my pill organizer once a week in about five minutes or less and it's super easy!

I hope I've motivated you a little bit to eat a little bit better and you take good care of yourself and your family. I know it's harder for some than others. This has been a battle I continue to fight - eating well, not over eating. My kids have been amazing at accepting our new eating habits. My husband is coming around - he's a bit more skeptical and set in his ways. But, he sees that what I'm doing is a benefit to our family. As Mommas of the family, we naturally want to protect and take care of our them. It starts with us and setting a good example - breaking bad habits, finding out what is in the food we feed them, and finding ways to put that as a priority. Later this month I hope to share some ways I'm finding to save money on organic foods. Do you use all organic or have you never thought about it?

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