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Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Month End Wrap Up

It's that time again...the end of another month! I have been busy this month, haven't I? I bet you have too! Here are ALL the posts I did this month, and you may even enjoy looking back at them and seeing what happened!

I also want to give a big THANK YOU again to my private sponsors. 

Thirty One Bags has a great deal here:

Be sure to go over and sample all kinds of things in the catalog! I seriously get excited at all that stuff, since I love how everything is so organized and you can even personalize their stuff. I think I have a problem, but I LOVE personalized things - don't you?

If you regularly read organizing books, newsletters and blogs but still struggle to create the organization you are after, simplify 101 is the perfect solution for you. In addition to organizing tips and ideas, Simplify 101 offers one-on-one coaching and online workshops. 

Clean Mama has the best printables including this one above - her Work at Home Kit! She also has a 20% off code for OMF readers. Use 20ORGMF for your discount. 

Go and see Alejandra's latest videos. She has amazing tips on organizing:

[VIDEO]: 3 Simple Ways to Organize Your Family

[VIDEO]: DVD & CD Organization

[VIDEO]: Small Budget Organizing Solutions

Five Dinners in 1 Hour

Talk about getting organized with meal planning...Michelle will help you out with your meal planning by giving you all the tools you need to make 5 dinners in just one hour each week! Who wouldn't like that? 

Last, if you are interested in a great Ebook to help you get yourself and home in order and organized, I highly recommend Becky's Ebook Pulling Yourself Together.

It includes printables to help get your cleaning routine figured out and really stick with it! She's got some great ideas! Thank you to everyone for all your support and keep coming back to Organizing Made Fun for inspiration each month!

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