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Monday, March 18, 2013

OMF to the Rescue: Crazy corner closet

Today's OMF to the Rescue is quite a challenge indeed! And, I've said before that I like a good organizing challenge! So, here it is!

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Christa wrote to me and said:


I have an oddly shaped master bathroom closet that I've been trying to organize for the past couple of days. I've attached some before and after photos of my organizing efforts.
I've gotten all my different types of products into bins (or shoe boxes) but because of the odd shaped closet, things aren't very accessible and I don't like it. Any ideas would be appreciated. I like to do things on the cheap and use what I have, but am willing to spend money on a system or container that would work. I feel like I have the bottom of the closet organized and am just looking for help with the stuff on the shelves. The closet has 4 shelves and they are 14 inches apart. The shelves are a trapezoid shape. They are 35 inches wide in the front and 10 inches wide in the back. The side on the left is a right angle and is 25 inches long. The side on the right is angled and 35 inches long.

This is the closet in our master bathroom.  It mostly houses extras (towels, toiletries) so we don't need to get in it each day except that is also where I store my hair dryer and I do use that every day. 
I also moved all my kid's extra bath stuff (lotions, shampoos, toothpastes, and even some diapers and wipes) into there because I had to child proof the kid bathroom more after a nail polish incident.  I have all the stuff organized by type but when I do need to get into the toothbrushing box or nail polish box, it's not very convenient.   The weird angles make storing and getting things difficult.  The shoebox method isn't really working.

closet odd-shaped linen bathroom

OK, seriously, why are people making closets like this when they build homes?? This is nuts!

She has done a GREAT job at the bottom of her closet, but she wants more help with the upper shelves. So, I've wracked my brain and I think I've come up with a few ways to make the most of this disastrous closet!

Source: A Lil Bird Told Me

I think that using a lazy susan in this closet will definitely help on a couple of different shelves. You can find lazy susan's in a variety of sizes and styles. They can be pushed into a corner - even an odd corner like this closet has - and can turn to bring the products around the are needed. 

lazy susan closet cupboard bathroom
Source: Under the table dreaming

If you have enough space between the shelves you could do a double-decker lazy susan

Linen closet towels rolled

For the towels, since it's an odd shape, folding them traditionally will probably not work so well. So, rolling them up like I've done above in my own linen closet with my beach towels, is a great way to fit them in a little better. 

Source: Unkown, possible upload by user to Pinterest

The last thing I suggest is, using the back of the door!! She has this great, big door and it's just BEGGING to be used. You may have to hang things strategically so they don't hit your containers inside the closet. But, using some command hooks {which I LOVE}, you can do this with your hair dryer that you need to get to more often. 

magnetic paint back of door
Source: The Not So Desparate Chef's Wife

Another idea is to paint your door with a magnetic paint, like above, to be able to use magnetic organizers to hold things.

These are an example of those containers to hold various things, above.

Source: Home Remodeling

I even like this idea to store your other supplies. Again, you must be able to close the closet door, so you have to place things appropriately so it will work.

trapezoid closet odd shape crazy

So, there you have it! This is how I would suggest you organize a crazy, trapezoid-shaped linen closet! Do you have any other suggestions for her? I'd love to hear it. And, send me your challenging space that you need organizing and can't figure out. Email me HERE and I'll do my best to help you out!

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