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Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring Cleaning for all Seasons!

I must be honest, I really struggle with spring cleaning. I think it's mostly because of the weather here. It's spring-like weather most of the year around in Southern California so I have never felt the sudden urge to completely clean everything in spring from top to bottom when winter is over. 

I believe it's really important to get things on a schedule or some way that you can keep up with all your cleaning, to make it easier - using your own schedule to do it when needed.  So, when Clean Mama told me about her new Ebook, I was VERY excited!

I’d love to introduce you to Clean Mama’s newest ebook…

Cleaning Around the Seasons: Deep Cleaning On Your Schedule

What’s included in

6 quick read chapters

Chapter 1 The Motivation – Seasonal and Deep Cleaning
Chapter 2 First Things First – De-Clutter 
Chapter 3 Choose Your Method 
Chapter 4 Gather Your Supplies 
Chapter 5 How to Start Deep Cleaning 
Chapter 6 Ideas for working Deep Cleaning into a Full Schedule

7 printable guides to help you through the process:

De-Clutter Before You Clean Checklist 
The One Day Clean 
 The Weekend Clean 
 The One Week Clean 
 The 31 Day Method 
 The Deep Cleaning Checklist 
 The DIY Deep Cleaning Checklist

Clutter and chaos taking over your life? Need some motivation and insight to figure out the best way to do a little deep cleaning? Hop on over to the Clean Mama blog to learn more about 

Cleaning Around the Seasons: Deep Cleaning On YourSchedule 

and to purchase your copy today!

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