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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A place to land: Keeping your drop zone organized!

When you walk in the door, after a long day or even from just running a few quick errands, you have to have a place "to land and drop your things." A place to put all the things you need to take with you. A place that you keep organized and know where everything will be, every time you need to head in or out.

dresser drop zone organize entry keys cell phone charger

When you don't have an organized place to land or drop all your things, it causes disruption for the whole house.  Maybe you come in through your garage. Whatever way you come in to your house, you'll need to come up with something, anything! I know that some entries are SMALL! But, nearly everyone can find a way to make a place to put things - whether it's a big or small area.

entry drawers

Again, my entry is actually not right inside my front door, but rather more towards the middle of the house - between front and back doors. 


You could also call this your command center. Your mudroom. Whatever YOU call it, it's got to have a few things. I like the above entry because it's not formal, but has all the basic necessities for a good place to land.

First, you need a place to set your keys, cell phone, purse, and sunglasses. 

Here you can see the importance of having a hook for your purse - it's a simple thing but makes my life so easy having a place for it and always knowing where it is. 

More ideas are these, too:

Source: The Caldwell Project

Here is a command center I really like and it's on the wall. They can hang up their items and keep organized to get out the door - even communicate with one another.

Source: For Residential Pros

This one is fancier, but I love the idea of putting into a cabinet so you can close it up and hide the mess. 

Source: BHG

Here's a cute one from an old bookcase. Very clever!

Source: The Container Store

And last, here is a drop zone that's free standing! The key to a good drop zone is to maintain it and keep it from becoming a "dumping zone" and a mess. It's easy to do, so make sure you assign where each person needs to put their things and make them tidy up their things. If you can, put your drop zone in an area that won't block your entry or be an eyesore. If that's just not possible, make sure everyone keeps up their stuff and doesn't let it become a messy zone. Do you have a good place to land or drop your things when you come inside? Is it organized or a mess?

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