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Monday, June 11, 2012

Organized Reader: Linens and kids' closet

Daisy, from Maple Hill 101, is our featured space today! She has some very nicely organized spaces to get us all motivated and inspired to get our own done!

One of my favorite things about her web page is her cute "about me" section where she gives a full run down of she and her family - all using Legos as pictures!

You can see that they are a pretty big Lego mania family {as my 13 year old son and 8 year old daughter both enjoy them, too}. You'll have to stop by and see how creative they are!

Daisy wanted to share a couple of spaces with me that I thought were really great! The first one is her kids' closet space. She was able to get things in pretty good order and she had a great organizer already in there to help her out! See her before and after, above. 

The other great space she has is her linen closet. Let me tell you why I like it - I love the baskets that fit in there. They make everything look great even before she did any organizing! She has everything sorted by category.

Then, she's also included a step by step on how she rolls her towels in there. Truly this makes it more "spa-like" having your towels rolled and I really think it can also make more room in your linen closet if you are able to do it well. I have started doing it here and there in my home with towels. Do you have an organized space you'd like to show off? Or, maybe you have the other problem of not knowing HOW to organize a space! Email me and let me know!

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