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Friday, June 8, 2012

OMF Headquarters: the organizing

I can't reveal my fabulous office and leave you hanging, can I? There is so much in the office to show you that I purposely had to have a separate post on JUST the organizing!

So, last week I revealed the whole office in all its glory! Now, up close, I'll show you how I keep my desk and everything else organized in there. My desk is very important and must do a lot. When I got ready to paint it - the beast - I decided I was getting rid of anything that wasn't necessary. That meant that my hubby's stuff in the desk was going to need a new home, too!

I'm going to start with the middle drawer. I've used small ramekins to hold my pretty paper clips and small binder clips and other small but important things. 

I have my pocket digital camera and it's components in a box lid and then my other baskets holding necessary cards in one and my picture hanging strips in the other - which, by the way are AMAZING and I used them exclusively for hanging everything in this new office.

The drawers on the top left are organized simply - the top, with basic office needs {stapler, scissors, hole punch, tape, etc.} simply lay in there neatly. The drawer under, I have a drawer divider that I used to divide up my "bill paying" drawer, which holds my checkbooks and deposit envelopes {and a cute owl wallet for use here and there}.

My file drawers are the two least exciting drawers. But, I fit a small filing cabinet FULL of files into my two bottom drawers. I got rid of all kinds of stuff so that I could get rid of the cabinet and keep it all in the desk. The best part: I now file much better because it's right next to me. I hate filing, so I need as few excuses as I can get!

My right drawers hold my label holder and some more binder clips - the other one holds all my stationary for writing cards and such, using an acrylic hair accessories organizer

On the top of the desk is the large hutch. I use the back of the door {of course} by putting cup hooks on them and using a binder clip to clip things. I have one door that holds invitations to things I don't want to forget and the other door holds my daughter's "art of the day" {yes, she LOVES to draw constantly and give to Mom}. By the way, she knows that she has to take down the old stuff and get rid of it so we don't get overloaded with too much. 

So, next we move on to the middle of the hutch. I got these beautiful office storage boxes in turquoise to add a pop of color while organizing all my camera equipment discreetly. I need to get at this stuff frequently and hide it in here, or I can throw it into my camera bag easily.

On top of my hutch, I have cardboard magazine files that I've covered with the same fabric I used on the magnetic bulletin board. Then, I asked to send me some of their pretty organizing goodies for my office and they sent me these fantastic clip-on label holders - which you can use for these magazine holders and for binders, too.

Other areas around my desk that I organize are some magnetic clips from See Jane Work, a pretty "ocean" basic binder also from SJW that I'm using for a family binder, vintage wire wall pockets from SJW filled with garden delight file folders they sent, also. I finally got this cord wrap to keep my cords neat, too. 

The last area I have organized is the printer stand. You may remember that I mentioned that we had to make this from two pre-fab bookshelves screwed together. My list of needs for this room, was to have a place to fit my printer, shredder, receipt scanner AND my laptop and camera bags. Well, I did it with this printer stand! The handbag storage bin I got is large enough to fit these two bags. Whew!  That's pretty much IT for all the organization! I hope you enjoyed it and got some great tips or ideas for organizing your office or drawers!

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